Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Track Brewery, Vertical Drinks & Manchester Beer Week presents Eighty Six

This summer marks ten years' since Jeffo, Jif and TC got together and started DJing at Jam Street Cafe in Chorlton. When the owner Rik Garner (First Chop Brewing) contacted TC and said 'I want DJ's who play stuff like Shuggie Otis, do you fancy it?'.... they did! and from this they made Jam St their home and went on to host a weekly show on Manchester's Unity Radio. 

The ten years' since have seen numbers swelled with the addition of Bugged Out! legend Rob Bright who was a regular guest at Jam St. Various residencies have included The Spoon Inn and Outlaw's Yacht Club and stints on Unity FM, Purple Radio and our own irregular podcast from Jif basement studio. We've had fun doing lots of one off gigs including Nado, Electriks, regular bank holiday events at The Beagle (our second home) and hosting rooms at IMBC, Brewer's Market, Magic Rock Social and many more.  Even had a crack at putting a couple of live bands on including Shawn Lee, and getting J-Walk to play live after over ten years' apart.

To celebrate this momentous occasion we've got together with Track Brewing and Vertical Drinks to put on a party which also kicks off the opening of Manchester Beer Week. The venue for the party is Track (at the back of Piccadilly Station) it's a brewtap so expect great fresh beer alongside some of our favourite music new and old.

At this point we'd like to thank Tom Clarke who's designed every poster we've had, often at the drop of a hat and for no more than some ale and scan.  He's even done a re-up of one of our favourite posters to celebrate.  

We hope you can make it down, it's been a great ten years' and we'd love to celebrate it with as many of our friends as possible, hey. and it's a Friday too!

Here's to the next ten!

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  1. Not sure if I can get there, but want to tell you how much I appreciate you all. Many thanks for the years of great listening and introduction to some fab music.