Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 32

After ages away, we actually recorded two solo shows this week, following on from Jeff on the Outlaw's show on Tuesday, on Thursday Jif recorded in our usual Balearic Basement. This recording features new tracks from the likes of Closed Paradise, Jacob Gurevitsch, Lexx and Stratus as well as some old favourites.

Hope you enjoy this second edition for the weekend, plans are afoot to get back together and do the next instalment in a couple of weeks. As the holiday season is coming to an end hopefully our output will be a bit more regular over the coming months.

Mogwai - Black Spider
Zarelli - Allendale, California
Jacob Gurevitsch - Mexican Margherita
Jay Bolton - It's All In That
White Sails - Laguna Sunrise
Spinning Motion - Confidence In The Future
July Skies - Swallows and Swifts
Horsebeach - Disappear
Lexx - All That Is Now
Laura Groves - Committed Language
Stratus - Tisno
Simon Lord - Piece Of String
Durutti Column - College
Vetiver - Backwards Slowly
Velly Joonas - Stopp, Seisku Aeg
Gianni Bella - Dolce Luna
Try To Find Me Vol 3 - Needs Ending
Closed Paradise - Horizon
HNNY - Cheer Up My Brother
Tri Arma Und Gyan Nishabda - Naturliche Liebe
King Crimson - Cadence & Cascade
Giorgio Tuma - An Enchanting Blue


Saturday, 5 September 2015

Outlaws Radio Show, 01/09

This Tuesday Jeff hosted the weekly Outlaws Yacht Club Radio Show slot on KMAH in Leeds. We thought as we've been a bit slack on recording shows over the summer we should share this one with you.

You should know what to expect, some great new and old music that we love. Hope you enjoy listening. We'll try and get these uploaded each time we do one in future as well.

Here's the tracklist and download link;

John Stammers - Idle I’m (Colorama Coloured In Remix)
Nev Cottee - Follow The Sun
Ducktails - Headbanging In The Mirror
Tommy Awards EP2 - Hotel Odemark
Slo - Bombora
Hatchback - Nesso
Retiree - This Place
The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage
Sarah Cracknell - Miles Apart
Reverso 68 - Piece Together, Pt 2
Idjut Boys - One For Kenny
Bing Ji Ling - Hangin’ On A String (Lexx Reconstruction)
The Naturals - Blazing Sun
Hooton Tennis Club - P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L.L. P.I.E.R.R.E.
The Phoenix Foundation - Prawn
Stratus - Axis
L.A. Priest - Oino
Grace Jones - Me I Disconnect From You
Sinkane x Peaking Lights - How We Be (Peaking Lights Dub Mix)
Tension - Your Sunshine
Sao Paulo - Villfarelser
Laura Groves - Dream Story
Twisted Wires - One Night At The Raw Deal
Shining Bird - Distant Dreaming
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - The River


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 31

As promised we've managed to make it back to the studio within a reasonable amount of time following the big gap before our last show. This time it's both Jeffo & Jif, so no difficult solo recording this time.

There's been loads of great new records recently so hide your wallets, Jeff has already complained about how much doing this show cost him in stuff he went and bought. Hope you enjoy it and we'll be back again in a couple of weeks.

Yukaten - Word Song
Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe - Cocaine Cat
Hooton Tennis Club - Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair
Pat Metheny - Sueno Con Mexico
Sydney Miller - No Quattro Dos Mocas
Brenda Beachball Ray - Theme From Another Space
Hot Chip - White Wine & Fried Chicken
The Crew - Destination Unknown (Time & Space Remix)
Ruf Dug & Nev Cottee - Le Rayon Vert
Ishinohana - La Luna / Ishinohana
Lion & Lamb - Blown Like A Curtain
A Vision Of Panorama - Floral Rhythm
Super Furry Animals - Hello Sunshine
Gwenno - Golau Arall
Stealing Sheep - This Time
Sarah Cracknell - Miles Apart
Shining Bird - Distant Dreaming
Faze Action - Floating World (Chuggy's Dub)
LA Priest - Oino
Jamie XX - Loud Places (Feat. Romy)
Leonardo Ceccanti - (It's a) Long Way
Retiree - Gundagai
The Breeze - That Look In Your Eyes
Incarnations - I Should've Known


Internet Radio Awards

The International Radio Festival are running their annual Internet Radio Awards, covering the best shows in various genres and the best radio stations by geography. Previous winners include the likes of the Resident Advisor podcast and this year you can vote for us.

The site is not the most intuitive in the world and as it's split by genre we are not an exact fit for any of them. If you do want to support us, you need to go to the link below and go to the vote section and then select 'Rock / Alternative' and enter 'Sounds of Eighty Six' as the show name.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 30

First off, apologies that it's been so long since the last episode, holidays and other commitments have meant we've gone over a month without recording. In order to make sure we didn't keep you waiting any longer, Jif braved a solo recording this week. The show includes quite a lot of new stuff we needed to catch up with, including new tracks from Sarah Cracknell, Vetiver, Pharaohs, Jaako Eino Kalevi and Suzanne Kraft.

Hopefully we'll be able to sort ourselves out a bit better over the next few weeks and will be back with another show either this week or next, in the meantime we hope you enjoy listening to this one and the wait has been worthwhile.

Sarah Cracknell - On The Swings
Thomas Almquist - Sun Signs
National Bedtime - The Left Alone Leave Alone
Vetiver - Confiding
Johan Agebjorn - The Best Thing (with Sally Shapiro)
Blase - Chocolate Noon
Pharaohs - Rinse Dream
Nautic - Freedom Of The Floor (Open Space Remix)
Eleventeen Eston - Indian Blue
Fabiano Do Nascimento - Minha Ciranda
Jaako Eino Kalevi - Don't Ask Me Why
Nev Cottee - Annie
Ben Watt - Empty Bottles
Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band - Koala Bears
Villagers - Everything I Am Is Yours
Jose Manuel - Summer Wind (Jonny Nash Remix)
Suzanne Kraft - Never Heated
W Barthol / M Bohm / R Bauer - Into The Storm
Tony Esposito - Je Na (Special Mix)
Lonely Behaviour - Benny's Trip
Grizzly Bear - Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix)


Friday, 22 May 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 29

Jif and TC with a live recoding from the basement as we stand on the cusp of summer with the Whitsun spring holiday weekend ahead of us.

Look out for music from Gwenno, forthcoming on Heavenly.  European electronica from The Phantom on Emotional Response. Khruangbin release their 1st LP 'The Universe Smiles Upon You' soon but have put out a Record Store Day exclusive 10" of their favourite soundtracks.

There's also a request for a bit of support.  Lo Five (aka Neil Grant) is looking to crowd fund 100 vinyl copies of his 'Taipei Tropics Running Club EP'.  It's a great 3 track 7" and if you fancy a copy it's only £6.50 and the link is here.  There's only 18 days left, so fellow music lovers please don't hang around... you need this music on vinyl!  James Blackshaw has released his 10th LP, Summoning Suns; he even sings on some of them for the first time too.

This week we got the sad news that Michael Kandel the co founder of the ground breaking US record label Exist Dance had died, aged just 47.  Mike was originally from Chicago but moved to California and played a key role defining what was to become know as the 'West Coast Sound'. Look out for a couple of classic tracks he recorded in the early to mid 90's with his fellow Exist Dance founder Tom Chasteen as Tranquility Bass. A sad loss.

Tortoise: Ten Day Interval
Lani Hall: Sun Down
Troels Hammer: Azur
The Phantom: Across The River Beneath The Trees
Georgette: Kirie
Edwyn Collins: Down The Line
Sufjan Stevens: The Only Thing
Javier Bergia: Eucalyptus Blues
Gwenno: Patriarchaeth
Gabby & Lopez: Tide Away
The Phoenix Foundation: Golden Ship
Khruangbin: Il Clan Dei Siciliani (by Ennio Morricone)
Lo Five: Taipei Tropics Running Club (Fund)
Sebastian Tellier: Aller Vers Le Soleil (Tom Furse Mix)
Cornelius: Drop (Tosen Takk Rework by Kings of Convenience)
Vito Ricci: The Ship That Sailed
Lamchop: Gar
Erland Oye: Garota
A tribute to Michael Kandel:
Tranquility Bass: Cantamilla
Tranquility Bass: They Came In Peace
Nautic: Fixxx
James Blackshaw: Averoigne
James McKeown: Euclid Dreaming
Al Dos Band: Doing Our Thing With Pride


Thursday, 21 May 2015

at the Beagle with Patrick Ryder

It's only been 3 weeks' since the last national holiday but hey that's May for you! We're back again this Sunday down at the Beagle and we're joined by special guest Patrick Ryder from our favourite record shop Piccadilly Records here in Manchester. This event is also the official closing party of the Chorlton Arts Festival. Music starts from 4pm and goes on till late. Be great to see you on the terrace. Food and booze served all day and we'll even give you Monday off... deal?


Friday, 8 May 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 28

Many thanks to all those who came to the Beagle for our May Day Eighty Six and a special thanks to Tom aka Lego from aA Recordings and Löffel for being such a great guest.

All three of us were back together in the studio on Tuesday night, recording this show and playing through some of the music we're currently enjoying.

We kicked off the show with a track from the forthcoming Kramford Look album 'Telepaths' and upped the 'jazziness' by playing the Record Store Day exclusive 7" from Pete Wiggs.

Look out for a track from the reissued Super Furry Animal LP 'Mwng' the highest selling Welsh language album of all time (fact fans). TC and Jeff went to see the band play on Wednesday night with our friends from Harvest Sun (welcome home James) it was a truly amazing gig at Manchester's Albert Hall.

There's new music from France by Sebastien Tellier and a long awaited return of Headland from New South Wales.  There's tracks from our Scandinavian collection with HNNY aka Johan Cederberg doing a cut up of the American folk standard 'Farther Along'. A track from the new Death & Vanilla LP via Malmö plus the latest Aficionado vinyl 12" from Stockholm's Fabror Resande Mac. There's also a double helping of Nev Cottee (who turned up at the last Eighty Six party) with 2 tracks from his forthcoming LP 'Strange News From the Sun'.

There's more, we could go on... we usually do.

The Kramford Look: Soft Ocean
Blue Nile: Tinseltown in The Rain
Sven Atterton: The Cove
Pete Wiggs: We've Got The Moves
The Bees: Angry Man
Super Furry Animals: Y Gwyneb Iau
Sebastien Tellier: Aller Vers Le Soleil
Fabror Resande Mac: Quaaludes
Death & Vanilla: California Owls
Mark Barrott: Saviours or Savages
HNNY: Cheer Up My Brother
Headland: Milk Rain
Mother Funk: Sunshine
Gene Clarke: No Other
Eccentric Edits: The Beginning
Jean Luc Ponty: Mirage
Japan: Taking Islands In Africa
Jonny Nash: Exit Seven
Nev Cottee: Scarlet Rose / Light
Sasac: Crashsite
Guy Cuevas: Ebony Game
Pollyester: My Father's Eyes
Stealing Sheep: Sequence
Dutch Uncles: Decided Knowledge
Mugwump: Until You're Worth It (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
No Zu: Mystik C (Medusa Mix)
ASS: Hit Considered


Sunday, 3 May 2015

May Day at the Beagle

We had such good fun at The Beagle over Easter and we're  made up that we've been invited back in order to celebrate May Day Eighty Six style. To add to the occasion we'll be joined by our friend from akoustik Anarchy & Löffel, DJ Lego (Tom Clarke). Tom not only plays records but he also designs all our posters too! Jolly talented lad that he is.

We're hoping to be making good use of The Beagle's massive new heated indoor sun terrace, so even if the weather changeable we'll be fine. There will be a full Beagle food menu to feast upon and more ales than you can shake a stick at. With no work the next day, you know what to do. Music from 4pm and The Beagle will be open as usual from 10am (serving up the best brunch around!)

See you all there!

To get you in the mood there's mixes and other good stuff over on Lego's Visual Sound blog

Monday, 27 April 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 27

Apologies for the slight delay in recording the show. We took last week off as Carwyn from Colorama and Nev Cottee were playing in Manchester.  The concerts were part of a final farewell to the much loved city centre venue, The Roadhouse.

It's been the scene of many of the crimes of our youth and although it's hosting lots of sold out club nights over the next month, this intimate concert was the perfect way for us to say goodbye.
Carwyn was on fine form, treating us to stripped back solo versions of Colorama classics (and Eighty Six favourites too, thank you)  like, 'Sound', 'Turnham Green', 'I Can't Give you More Than Everything' and 'Hapus'.  Support came from Nev Cottee, showcasing tacks from his new brilliant new LP 'Strange News Form the Sun' and backed by a full band.

This show features Jif and TC down in the basement on the week when summer arrived in the UK.   Look out in this show for 'Follow the Sun' a track for the new Nev Cottee LP, coming out in June on the always excellent Wonderful Sound record label.  The show also features an exclusive play of new music from Professor Yaffle with Everything and Nothing. There's a track from the new Sufjan Stevens' LP and the 50th release on Paul 'Mudd' Murphy's Claremont 56 record label, Paraiso. There's also a track from the early potential album of the year from Fabiano Do Nascimento with a beauty called Tupi.

Record Store Day was last week and it saw the release of the latest very limited Aficionado, 4 track 10".  This was exclusively played by Moonboots when he was on the show in January but RSD gave us the opportunity to finally own it on vinyl. We finished the show choosing to playing Half Silk: Delicious Crime, which is a brilliant solo outing by Ryan from Horsebeach.

File under early Summer.

Cantoma: Out Of Town
Woo: Magic In The Dark (Alternate Version)
Selvagem: Tudo Bemby
Mia Doi Todd: Paraty
Nev Cottee: Follow The Sun
Sufjan Stevens: No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross
Selva: South Bay
Junip: Your Life Your Call
Nick Mackrory: Elle Dit
Labi Siffre: Summer Is Coming
Windsurf: Bird Of Paradise (Album Version)
Johanna Billing: This Is How We Walk On The Moon (It's Clearing Up Again Edit)
Professor Yaffle: Everything & Nothing
Javier Bergia: Midnight Round Mekines
Fabiano Do Nascimento: Tupi
PG Six: The End Of Winter
Vangelis: The Slipping Beauty
Can: One More Night
Paraiso: Filhas De Oxum (Mudd's Extended Mix)
Toshio Kamei: Arifureta September
Yves Simon: Au Pays Des Merveilles De Juliet
Lisa Lee: When Can I Call You ?
Nautic: Fresh Eyes
Half Silk: Delicious Crime


Thursday, 9 April 2015

A few pictures from Sunday at the Beagle

A lovely sunny bank holiday Sunday afternoon for the opening party of Eighty Six at the Beagle and a celebration of their new 'sun terrace'.  Music from Duncan James Mise (Red Deer Records), Chris Maude (The Devil's Jukebox) Jif, TC and Rob from Eighty Six. We're back with another party on May day, bank holiday Sunday.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 26

It may be the time of year for miracles (if you're religious) but getting all three of us into the studio for the third show on the bounce... that's about as good as it gets, for us!

Jif, Jeffo and TC headed down to the basement to serve up their very own 'movable feast' of new music and stuff we thought you'd enjoy.  Moonboots, very kindly sent us a promo of the new Aficionado release; they're up to number 13 and there's no let up in the quality. This time it's Swedish group Fabror Sande Mac, delivering a great 5 tracker.

It's always nice when people send in suggestions, so thanks to Andrew Lester for the tip on ex Gorky's guitarist Richard James' new solo LP.  There's also music from the new Bambi Davidson LP on Claremont 56 and a track from his ace second (maybe even better than the 1st?) EP from Jonny Nash on his Melody As Truth label.

Legends of 80's italo-disco, Koto have an album out called 'Original Masterpieces', which brings together hard to find tracks via the Mirumir label.  'The big lad!' Matthew E White's back again and his new LP 'Fresh Blood', is another one which could pip his first LP... that's some dam fine going!

Look out for trip-hop from the furthest tip of Norway, (Vardo to be precise) as Omena reissue an ep originally out and then slipping under the radar in 2004.  Moon Duo's great new LP, 'Shadow of the Sun' (check that artwork) also gets a spin, as does the excellent debut EP 'Cove' from London's Sven Atterman.  Jeff got to finish off the show, proclaiming his love for the Pollyester LP 'City of O' (out now on Germany's Disko B label) and we open the show with music from Leigh in Lancashire, via the brilliant Ono label.

Not one to passover.

White Dot: Flutten
Richard James: Do You Know Me?
Bambi Davidson: Cattle
Headland: The Hum Song
Syracuse: Louventura
Tornaado: Jahiklass 470
Jonny Nash: Exit 1
Peals: Blue Elvis
Dos Palos: I've Been Around (Seahawks Ultra Mix)
Kasper Bjørke: Heaven (Nicolas Jarr Mix)
Shintaro Sakamoto: In A Phantom Mood
Fabror Resande Mac: Pacific North
Koto: Chinese Revenge
Gilberto Gil: Maracatu Atomico
Matthew E. White: Love Is Deep
Moon Duo: In A Cloud
Nueva Costa: Ava Del Paraiso
13th Floor Elevators: You're Gonna Miss Me
Phil Manley: FT2 Theme
Phrased: Misty
James Blackshaw: All is Falling (Parts 3 and 4)
Omena Ltd: Nynningen 2
John David Souther: Midnight Prowl
Sven Atterton: Closer
Peaking Lights: Everyone and Us
KM Editions 6: Astral Playground
Pollyester: In My Boots



Monday, 23 March 2015

Eighty Six Easter Sunday at the Beagle

If you're around over Easter, we're back on home turf and joined by special guest Duncan Sime from Red Deer Club records. Celebrating 10 years' of releasing music by artist such as Jonnie Common, Sara Lowes, David A. Jaycock, Stealing Sheep and Songs for Walter.  Music starts at 4pm (the bar is open all day) and we'll all be playing in the newly opened Beagle 'Sun Terrace' on a specially set up sound-system.

There's also a nice write up of the event in the Manchester Evening News. 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 25

'When you're out looking for the sun and there is no sun'. 

Today like many other places we experienced a Solar eclipse casting a gloomy, grey, cold stillness over our city... nothing really that different for us in Manchester then.  

Something that was different was that we all managed to make it into the studio for this episode. Fittingly too as we reached our 25th episode as the Sounds of Eighty Six podcast; a Silver anniversary edition if you like. We were also joined in the studio by Rosie, Jif's daughter who made her first and rather reluctant appearance on the podcast. If only TC was as reluctant to speak. 

Jonny Nash: Shallow Space
Phill France: The Swimmer
Zarelli: Pink Electric Eyes
Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band: Velvets in the Dark
Stephen Steinbrink: It Takes a Lot to Change your Mind (version)
Super Furry Animals: Cabin Fever
Dan Lissvik: Intro/ Airwalk
Nev Cottee: If I Could Tell You (Instrumental Mix)
Lanterns on The Lake: Lungs Quicken
The Monks Kitchen: On A Dark Black Ocean
Hibou: Valium
Gandalf: Departure
Smoke Faires: We've Seen Birds
Horsebeach: Disappear
Hooton Tennis Club: Jasper
Klein & MBO: Dirty Talk (Ruf Dug Remix)
Never On A Sunday: Jackie's Theme (The Finale)
No Zu: Medusa Beat
Mads Dalholt & Fredrick Langkilde: Charité
Silk Rhodes: Pains
Von Spar: Chain of Command
Death & Vanilla: Ghosts in the Machine
Allah-las: Ferrus Gallery
The Limiñanas featuring Francesca Cusimano: Votre Coté yéyé M'emmerde
ASS: Escape from New York
Bambi Davidson: Brunswick (Long Mix)


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Eighty Six at Outlaws Yacht Club with Richard Hector Jones

This Friday March 20th Jeffo and Rob Bright will be hosting Eighty Six in Leeds alongside special guest Richard Hector-Jones. It's something of a 500 Club reunion for the two ex Bugged Out! residents as Richard and Rob hosted the legendary 500 Club gathering together in Manchester across many a Sunday session at Cord Bar. 

Music starts from 5pm till late.     

Zarelli Falling Light video by Mark Warrington

If you're a regular listener to our shows you'll know how much we love Colorama and you'll probably be aware of Carwyn's latest musical offshoot Zarelli, part of the Seriés Aphōnos project.

'There Will Come Soft Rains' uses the voice from the now departed Leonard Nimoy reading from Ray Bradbury's 1950's post-apolyptic short story 'The Martian Chronicles'. Carwyn's soundtrack adds an icy layer of electronics bringing beautiful drama and atmosphere to the dystopian tale. It's a great piece of work and one we highly recommend you seeking out as playing one track off it doesn't really do justice to hearing the full story. 

I was listening to this again on the train home from London last night, looking out into the early Spring gloom. Part audiobook, part soundtrack it's inthralling; at times the music almost slides into the background as Nimoy delivers his tragic and tense story. In other passages Carwyn cranks up the mood with echoes of italo-disco which remind me of the soundtrack to Dario Argento's Tenebre. 

Our friend and past Eighty Six podcast guest the very talented Mark Warrington has also provided a great animation for the track 'Falling Light'. 

Mark says : "The animation depicts a moment of tranquility as the garden sprinklers switch on like clockwork and fill the garden with falling light. The animation took around 3 weeks to make in After Effects also involving trips out into Salford to take photos of the the old decaying factories and crumbling bricks and then composing them around the modernist house. Leonard Nimoy unfortunately passed away on the 27th of February which was just days after I finished making this animation so it also stands as a small tribute to him".

CD & Vinyl available from: Seriés Aphōnos
Music: Carwyn Ellis (Zarelli/Colorama)
Direction & Animation: Mark Warrington

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 24

After a few technical hitches we're finally back with you.  We got three-quarters of the way through the first recording only to find out, it wasn't...

We then gave ourselves a night off and went to watch Olafur Arnalds at the RNCM, which was the centerpiece of Manchester's Future Everything Festival.  

Jif and TC were your host when we finally got round to recording the show.

Look out for a strong Scandinavian influence with tracks by Troels Hammer, Rune Lindbaek, Oyvind Blikstad and Johan Agebjorn. A couple of classic early 90's deep house reissues. There's also a track from the excellent new Laura Groves EP and the new Bing Ji Ling track (remixed by our friends at Coyote) which will have you dreaming of summer days!

Enjoy the show.

Troels Hammer: Birdy
Balmorhea: A Circumnavigation
Stephen Steinbrink: Impress My Memory
Jaak Jürisson: Korduvalt
Templehof & Gigi Masin: Joe Jordon
Laura Groves: Committed Language
Len Leise: Spirit of Ssanyu
Johan Agebjorn: The Leftovers (with Loney Dear)
Simone White: Never Been That Tough
Jim Ranson: It's So Profound
Apiento & Co: The Light Machine
The Utopia Project: File#1
Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada: Low Tension
Bing Ji Ling: See Me Through (Coyote Dub Version)
Eddie C: Sloneczna Promenada
Stalker: Slow
Gareth Dickson: Like a Clock
Formation: Waves
Robert Vanderbilt & the Foundation of Souls: A Message Especially From God
Rune Lindbaek & Oyvind Blikstad: North
Amii Stewart: Friends
Cortex: Pauver Star
Maas: Look at Me Now (Zoyd and Prairie Mix)
Bonnie & Klein: Demode


Thursday, 5 February 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 23

Bhhhhrrrrrrr, it was a cold, cold night when we recorded this in the studio but the show flew by.  It was the first time all three of us had recorded together since last August.

Carwyn from Colorama very kindly sent us over a copy of his latest project Zarelli 'Soft Rains'. A futuristic soundtrack to Ray Bradbury's dystopian story narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

We finally got to play a track from the Jonny Nash album off vinyl.  It feels like we've waited ages for this to arrive (well done Jonny on all the hard work).  Dan Lisvik is back after killing off his Studio moniker and back recording with a new band under the name of Atelje.  Jeff played a great track from the Syd Arthur remix album (be quick if you want that on vinyl) and one by Gala Drop for Lisbon who have a new Lp on the excellent Golf Channel.  They've also brought ex-Detroit resident and music maker Jerry the Cat into their fold.

Jif played the 'Winter' Sketches from an Island 7" on International Feel 'Kitasaku' (home to one of my favourite houses if you fancy Googling it).  Also listen out for some cod French balearica via Cornwall from Nick Mackrory with Elle Dit.  La Beauté Du Négative records are back for a 3rd instalment with  a stunning ep, containing the lovely cold acidic techno of Suncid by J Alvarez.

Tops off (no chance)....

Mind Fair: Find Me At The Fair
Stephen Steinbrink: A Simple Armature of Your Ideal World
Pure Bathing Culture: Silver Shore's Lake
Zarelli: Falling Light
Jonny Nash: Phantom Actors
The Amazing: Wait For a Light
Widowspeak: Limbs
Hong Kong In The 60's: You can Take My Heart but You Can't Make it Beat
The Kenneth Bagger Experience: Fat Bottom Penguins
Atelje: Escalator
Natalie Prass: Bird of Prey
Steve Gunn: Milly's Garden
Whyte Horses: Snowfalls
Soy Un Caballo: Comme on Va Bien
Jozef Van Wissem: The Joy That Never Ends
Sketches From An Island: Kitasaku
Amor De Dias: Dream (Dead Hands)
Panda Bear: Principe Real
Colorama: I Can't Give You More Than Everyting
Syd Arthur: Mornings Recall (The Amorphous Androgynous Mix)
Gala Drop: Monad
Sueno Latino: Sueno Latino (Winter Version)
Joe Cocker: Talking Back To The Night
Ereland Oye & Morgan Geist: Ghost Trains
Nick Mackrory & Harry Collier: Elle Dit
Tops: Easier Said
J Alvarez: Suncid


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

We have a new home

As you may know we started life as the Universal Language Radio Show on Unity FM and as we're now a podcast, we wanted to reflect that on Facebook.  Sadly, Facebook won't let us change the name of our page so we're migrating to a new Facebook page 'Sounds of Eighty Six'.

Our original Universal Language Radio Show page will close in the next 2 weeks' so make sure you've 'Liked' our new page and importantly click 'Get Notifications' so you can see our posts.

We'll keep the posts purely to information about the latest edition of the podcast as we feel the same way you do about spam. Sounds of Eighty Six

Friday, 23 January 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 22 with Moonboots

As we make the long journey through January, what better way to beat the winter blues than having your friends round and sharing some good times.

On this weeks' show we had the pleasure of being joined down in the basement by Moonboots from Aficionado Recordings.

Richard kindly brought along some of the forthcoming releases on his and Jason's excellent record label and you can hear them alongside his brilliant selection during a 1 hour 'talk-free' middle section of the show.

It was a busy old night down in the basement with Topsy Von Salkeld who designs the Nado artwork, posters and merchandise joining us alongside our friends Leonado and Elaine. We started the night off with a lovely Southern Indian meal and then headed down to the studio with some wine and a few winter ales.

Look out for new tracks by Icasol and Cliff Martinez and previews of forthcoming releases from Jaak Jürissoni (on Frotee), Nev Cottee, Len Leise, Half Silk (Ryan from Horsebeach solo project) and Eleventeen Eston.

Cliff Martinez: Pan to Me
Icasol: Prinzenengel
Woo: Magic In the Dark
Balmorhea: Dream of Thaw
Nancy Elisabeth: Winter, Baby
Jaak Jürissoni: Laste Mangutuba
BAR: Anjali Reverse

Moonboots: Winter in the basement mix
Juan Martin: The Diver
La Fiancée: Driving Away From Home
Javier Bergia: Gran Via
Anita Strandell: Elektrista Du
Aska: Htela Bih Da Situ
No Zu: Eternity
Mads Dalholt & Fredrick Langkilde: Charité
Roger Rönning: Mitt, Men Anda Utanfor
BBB005: Baatside
Len Leise: Asmat Images
Ménage à Trois: Conditional Love
Leonardo Ceccanti: (It's) a Long Way
Half Silk: Delicious Crime
Eleventeen Eston: Indian Blue

Gaussian Curve: Broken Clouds
Barefoot Jerry: Friends
Peter Broderick: Roscoe
Arthur Russell: Come To Life
Dungen: Min Enda Vän
Nev Cottee: If I Could Tell You