Saturday, 30 April 2016

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 43

We're back again and it's TC & Jif with this latest musical instalment.

The show features artists from CFCF to Tears For Fears and Steely Dan with pretty much everything in between. There's also a couple of new preview tracks, one from Begin and the next release on Aficionado.

We hope you enjoy listening, we're now taking a planned three week break before our next trip to the studio so we'll be back with you in the third week of May.

CFCF - Arto
Wilson Tanner - Keith
Art of Noise - Moments in Love (Beaten)
Begin - Birds of Stretford
Traffic - Can't Find My Way Home
Barbara & Ernie - Play With Fire
Erlend Oye - Lies Become Part of Who You Are
July Skies - Girl on The Hill
Visions of Panorama - New Horizons
Penelope Antena - Tradewinds (Steve Cobby Mix)
Tears For Fears - Pharaohs
John Martyn - Don't Want To Know
Gal Costa - Hoje
Stephen Steinbrink - It Takes a Lot to Change a Mind
Keyboard Masher - Bernie's Boogie
Khruangbin - People Everywhere (Still Alive)
Steely Dan - Black Cow
Apiento & Co - ESP
Pure Bathing Culture - The Tower
Jack Eino Kalevi - Don't Ask Me Why
Your Song Is Good - Re-search (Force of Nature Remix)
Yeasayer - Sunrise
Life On Earth - The Perfect Spot
Horsebeach - It's Alright


Friday, 8 April 2016

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 42

We're back again, this time it's just Jif and TC as Jeff was working. As Jeff wasn't present we ignored the usual 5 minute rule and there's a few more records with a hint of jazz in them.

There's new stuff from D.K and Menage A Trois but other than those we've been dipping into our collections.

Just want to let you know that next Friday, April 15th is our last monthly Friday over at Outlaws Yacht Club. We've really enjoyed our nights over there over the last 3 or so, but we will be returning for one-off parties. It would be great to see you there if you're around Leeds.

Enjoy the show and we'll be back with another in a couple of weeks.

D.K. - Evening Shadows
Devante Hynes - Palo Alto
Tula - Don't Say A Word
Life On Earth - Summer Lover
Susumu Yokota - Hagoromo
Bridget St John - Lizard Long Tongue Boy
The Gino Fontaine - Konkondo (Stratus Remix)
Eden Ahbez - Tradewind
Menage A Trois - Be Right Back
Sebastien Tellier - Aller Ver Le Soleil
Lucio Battisti - To Feel In Love
John Grant - Down Here
Geoffrey O'Connor - Her Name On Every Tongue
Closed Paradise - Horizon
Vondelpark - Feat. B
High Wolf - Stars Priest
Sophie Zelmani - If I Could (Version Lindbaek)
Blank & Jones feat. Mike Francis & Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Special Version)
Georgette - Kirie
Chaba Fadela & Cheb Sahraoui - N'Sel Fik
Michael Kiwanuka - You've Got Nothing To Lose
Cuisine Dub - Mendula
Ilan Kabiljo - Golden Days


Saturday, 26 March 2016

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 41

We're back again with our latest musical ramblings to keep you entertained over the Easter weekend, this time Jeff managed to make it down, so for the first time in a while it was all three of us.

The show features new stuff from No Zu, Professor Yaffle, Underworld and Bella Figura amongst others. Hope you enjoy it and have a great Easter weekend, we may see some of you down at Nado at Common on Sunday. If not we'll be back soon.

Underworld - Santiago Cuatro
Professor Yaffle - I'll Be Around
Hintermass - From Learning In Meaning
Sebastien Tellier - Love
Dos Palos - I've Been Around
Cantoma - Monk Island
Jonathan Edwards - Sailboat
Monks Kitchen - III Legged Dog
Steve Mason - Planet Sizes
Bella Figura - Better Man (Craig Bratley Remix)
Porches - Underwater
Wild Nothing - Lady Blue
Los Borges - Eu Sou Como Voce E
Retiree - Gundagai
John Martyn - Don't Want To Know
Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson - 17th Street
No Zu - Raw Vision
Life On Earth - The Perfect Spot
Nots - Reactor (Mikey Young Remix)
Eugene Tamborine - In The Good Life
Alphonse Mouton - Do I Have To?
Chieftain - Out Of My Life
A Man Called Adam - Easter Song
Don't DJ - Southern Shore


Friday, 11 March 2016

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 40

Due to other commitments and illness we've let thinks slip a bit over the last month or so, however we're back at last with our next instalment.

Jeff was on his jollies so it's just Jif and TC this time. With regard to music Aficionado Recording feature strongly, with a couple of tracks of their forthcoming release and also their latest 12 from Imperfect Product. There's also new and old tracks from CFCF and some new stuff from Steve Mason and Mr Fingers amongst others.

Tyco - Elegy
Beautify Junkyards - From The Morning
Troels Hammer - Father Space
Steve Cobby & Rich Arthurs - Bushfarmer
AM & Shawn Lee - Persuasion
Steve Mason - To A Door
DJ Shadow - I've Been Trying
Phil Mison - Abondo (Instrumental)
Bon Iver - Holocene
Merge - Sanfra
Melchior Sultana - Paradise
Arsenal - The Coming
Mr Fingers - Aether
Imperfect Product - Solina (Original Mix)
B.B Seaton - Dancing In The Moonlight (Version)
Penelope Antena - Tradewinds (Cobby Mix)
CFCF - You Hear Colors
Death & Vanilla - Follow The Light
Khruangbin - People Everywhere (Still Alive)
Bert Jansch - Lady Nothing
CFCF - Chasing
Dream Lovers - Brasil
No Zu - Spiritual Heat Wave
Talk Talk - Such A Shame


Monday, 8 February 2016

An evening with Shawn Lee & Carwyn Ellis

Listeners to our shows will need no introduction to the talents of Carwyn Ellis and Shawn Lee; two of the most highly rated producers and artist in the UK today.

Carwyn can usually be found leading his band Colorama and making solo cinematic electronic music under the Italian guise of Zarelli. He's also recently co-produced, co-written and arranged Sarah Cracknell's Red Kite LP as well as producing albums for Nev Cottee and Edwin Collins.

Whilst Shawn is one of the most prolific artist we know, releasing around 30-35 albums to date and playing and owning just about every instrument going.  He records as Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra and also makes film and computer game soundtracks whilst collaborating with indie artist AM as AM & Shawn Lee and with London electronic group  'Psapp'.  Currently, we're loving playing his West End Coast LP which he's recorded and produced with Andy Platts under the guise Young Gun and Silver Fox.

The good news is these two will be hitting the road in February for a pair of intimate gigs in Manchester and London. We're going to be heading along to the Manchester gig; taking place in the intimate surroundings of the Sacred Trinity Church in Salford.

If you've not been to a gig here before (you're in for a treat) as it's a great little venue to enjoy music in..... plus the music loving Vicar is very welcoming, getting a few barrels of local ale to sell at the bar in the Church entrance!

Make sure you get in early as we're also hearing John Stammers will also be performing. There were only 15 tickets left when I last looked, so don't miss out!  

Manchester: tickets
London: tickets

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 39

Jif and TC were in the studio for our second show of the year as Jeff couldn't make it this week. There's a few excellent new reissues on Alleviated Music, Music From Memory and Music For Dreams but other than that this show is mainly a look back over some records we love from the near and distant past.

Hope you enjoy listening, we'll be back in a couple of weeks and hopefully we'll all manage to make it for the recording.

David Bowie - I Can't Read
William Ackerman - Visiting
Zarelli - Falling Light
CFCF - The Ruined Map
Fabror Resande Mac -  Tidens Tand
Ducktails - St Catherine
Dip In the Pool - On Retinae (East Version)
Mali Music - Le Horn
Jan Hammer Group - Don't You Know?
Brian Ellis & Brian Grainer - Marble Moonbeam
Ryley Walker - Primrose Green
Iron & Wine - Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me
La Bellini - Satan In Love (Leo Mas & Fabrice Inferno Lovers Mix)
Disco D - Beat it
Force of Nature - Transmute
Ariel Kalmer - First Light
Young Gun & Silver Fox - Long Way Back
Colorama - Me & My Sister
Lion & The Lamb - Blown Like a Curtain
Destroyer - The River
Junior Mendes - Rio Sinal Verde
Jacob Gurevitsch - Mexican Margarita (Original Version)
Simon Fisher Turner - Shishapangma (The Epic of Everest)


Saturday, 16 January 2016

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 38

It was great to be back in the studio after the festivities and we hope that 2016 is a good year for all of us!

We kick started the new year with all 3 of making it down to the studio! As always at this time of year we caught up on some of the music we'd either not managed to play in December or missed during the last year.  The show starts with a cover of the Bowie classic, Rebel Rebel and a moment of contemplation with the mournful sounds of the Croatian sea organ.

We then get stuck into the brilliant forthcoming Woods LP and there's also a great track from Piccadilly Record's album of the year by Julia Holier. Look out for tracks from the equally amazing 2015 albums by Bill Ryder Jones and also King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard. There's a taster of the new Trolls Hammer LP on Music for Dreams.  Plus Jif's been have a clear out after 35 years' of collecting so listen out for a few forgotten gems from deep in his collection.

We hope you enjoy the show.                

Seu Jorge - Rebel Rebel
Sea Organ - Solo
Woods - Sun City Creeps
Julia Holier - Feel You
Francis Lung - Age Limits
King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard - Sense
The Black Science Orchestra - Emancipation
Bill Ryder Jones - Seabirds
Troels Hammer - Mother Space (Farbror Resande Mac Remix)
Andy Bey - River Man
A Vision of Panorama - Nymphs
The Keeper - I Couldn't Fool around No More
Simon Peter - Arc of Lark (Layne's Night Vision Mix)
Roadside Edits - Driving Though the Mountain Pass
Beck - Dreams
Two Lone Swordsman - Rico's Helly (Re-Tailored by Nourizadeh and Teasdale)
Ben Morris - Lyckliga Snubben
Sarah Cracknell - On the Swings
Orwell - Je Ne Sais Pas Mourir
Mascara - Golden Years
!!! - OOO
Pumarosa - Priestess
Digital Justice - Theme from It's all Gone Pearshaped
Ampersand - 20 Seas, 4 Oceans    


Sunday, 20 December 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 37

We're a week or two late but here's our latest recording, this time it was Jif and TC in the studio. This show marks the end of 2015 for us, it's time to put our feet up and eat and drink too much, hopefully this will keep you entertained over the festive period.
The show features a few alternative festive tunes alongside new tracks from the likes of Mudd, Simon Fisher Turner and Pacific Horizons.

Have a great Christmas and New Year, we'll be back in January with our first show of 2016.

Angeline Morrison & The Rowan Amber Mill - Cold Winter's Morning
Simon Fisher Turner - Shishapangma
Riley Walker - On The Banks of The Old Kishwaukee
Barry Forgie - Everglades
Ulla - Space Lady
Young Gun Silver Fox - Long Way Back
The Keeper - Gold Round Circus
Mudd - December
55 Cancri E - Nattsvart
Pacific Horizons - Into The Night
Herbert Moon - Still Reachin'
Sasac - The Chase
Ruf Dug & Nev Cottee - Le Rayon Vert
Alro Hannigan - Pioneer
Brian Ellis & Brian Grainger - Forest
Giorgio Tuma - Oh Marc, Please Let Me Fly With My LV
W Barthel, M Bohm & R Bauer - Into The Storm
Vetiver - Time Flies By
Low - Just Like Christmas
Steve Cobby - May Flights of Angels Sing Him To His Rest
Kurt Vile - Dust Bunnie
A Vision of Panorama - Coastal Waves
Radiohead - Reckoner (Johnny Miller Remix)
Outfit - New Air


Friday, 27 November 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 36

We're a week late and due to illness and other commitments Jeff and TC couldn't make it this week so here's a solo show from Jif.

It doesn't quite stretch to our normal two hours, but hopefully you'll still find enough good music to keep you entertained until we can all get back together in the studio.

The show features new stuff from Young Gun Silver Fox, Khruangbin and Blank & Jones alongside a varied mix of older stuff, hope you enjoy it and we'll be back soon.

Gryningen - Tva Kvarter Fran Vintergatan
Young Gun Silver Fox - Distance Between Us
Ilya Santana - Holding You
Pure Bathing Culture - The Tower
Jacob Gurevitsch - Mapa Del Soledad
The Ipanemas - Gana
Uyama Hiroto - In The Sea
Ben Watt & Robert Wyatt - Some Things Don't Matter
Khruangbin - White Gloves
Cantoma - Katja
Johan Agebjorn - The Best Thing (feat. Sally Shapiro)
Farbror Resande Mac - Resan
Lucio Battisti - Questo Amore
The Breeze - That Look In Her Eyes
Outfit - Framed
Fourth Dimension - Vespucci
Blank & Jones - Nothing Can Come Between Us (feat. Sade)
Grackle - Jungle (T Keeler & Casablanca Rework)
The Clientele - Bonfires On The Heath
Robert Hood - Behind The Door


Friday, 6 November 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 35

We're back again, all three of us made it into the studio this week. Thankfully things went a bit smoother without the technical issues we suffered last time.

Loads of great new music this week and a few we may have overlooked over the last few months. There's new stuff from the likes of Pure Bathing Culture, JB Dunckel, Bonnie & Klein, San Laurentino and Nobu.

Hope you enjoy listening, if you haven't already check our other new post on the blog, we're out and about in Leeds this weekend and it would be great to see some of you.

Pure Bathing Culture - In the Night, In the Peaceful Night
JB Dunckel - Loveless (Sangaile)
Lambchop - Gar
Colorama - Hapus
Bonnie & Klein - Magnolia
Jaako Eino Kalevi - Don't Ask Me Why
Jaak Jurisson - Laste Mangutuba
Heather Woods Broderick - From The Ground
Cantoma - Overtime
Jack Cutter - Serpent Strut (feat. David Harks)
The 23s - The Scene Where The Car Was Blown Away (To Rococo Rot Remix)
Antena - Camino Del Sol
Hot Chip - So Much Further To Go
Django Django - Beginning To Fade
The Phoenix Foundation - Celestial Bodies
San Laurentino - Long Way Home
Death & Vanilla - Necessary Distortions
Kate Bush - King Of The Mountain
Vision Of Panorama - New Horizons
The Two Mamarrachos - Let Feel Higher
Glass Coffee - Disclosures (Coyote Deep Mix)
Renegade Soundwave - Renegade Soundwave (Whistling Guitar Mix)
Try To Find Me Vol. 3 - Needs Ending
Cock Ring D'Amore - I Can Dub Anything You (Trent Edit)
Nozu - Eternity


Brewer's Market & Let's Get Together, Leeds

This weekend we're taking part in a double header of events over in Leeds. On Saturday you'll find TC & Jif at Brewer's Market for 12 until 5 with our good friend Tom James, this is a great craft beer festival which takes place at Canal Mills, we played last year and had a great time so we're delighted to be invited back.

Throughout the weekend Lets Get Together is on at Outlaws Yacht Club, featuring loads of the DJs who've played there all in 3 days of music. Jeff is representing us on Sunday afternoon between 3 and 4:30 with our friends Nick, Danny & Dave from Seek Magic on before him.

Both should be really great events, it would be great if any of you are in the Leeds area over the weekend to see you out and about.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 34

As promised we've bucked up our ideas and managed to return to the studio on our planned fortnightly schedule. For the second show running it also features all three of us. We feature new music this time from the likes of Jack Cutter, Rozi Plain, Ducktails, Kurt Vile and Nils Fram & Olafur Arnalds.

We did feature a few technical issues in the studio this week, but hopefully post production has sorted most of these out and they won't impact your listening pleasure. You'd have thought after all these years we'd have learnt to do this properly, oh well! As usual here's the full tracklist, hope you enjoy it and we'll be back in a couple of weeks with the next instalment.

Jack Cutter - Gift of Our Fathers (Future Mix)
Rozi Plain - Jogalong
Kurt Vile - Kidding Around
Jessica Pratt - Night Faces
The Black Angels - The Boat Song
Michael Head & The Strands - X Hits the Spot
Cantoma - Trussevich
Gigi Masin - Call Me
JJ Cale - Crying
Ducktails - The Disney Afternoon
Leonardo Ceccanti - It's a Long Way
Culture Beat - Cherry Lips (Der Erdbeermund) (Get Into the Magic Mix)
Speck Mountain - Blood is Clean
Vetiver - You May Be Blue
Pure Bathing Culture - Scotty
Express Rising - Names & Numbers
Horsebeach - Dana
Nils Frahm & Olafur Arnalds - Four
Larry Heard - Micro Gravity
Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man - Mysteries
Tau - Venado Azul
Woolfy vs Projections - My Room
Fenster's Emocean - Off the Cahin
Chieftain - Out Of My Life
Sasac - Talking God

Monday, 12 October 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 33

At last, after what seems like ages (it is in fact), we've managed to get all three of us in studio to do a show together. The fact we've not done many recordings for a while means we all had quite a lot of new music to play, so there's new stuff from the likes of Destroyer, Turner, Horsebeach, Kurt Vile and the forthcoming Gryningen EP on Aficionado. Hope you enjoy our musical choices and hopefully we'll be back a bit quicker with the next instalment.

Here's the tracklisting and download;

55 Cancri E - Anger
Gwenno - Chwyldro
Destroyer - The River
Turner - Stranger
Fenster's Emocean - Memories
Kurt Vile - I'm An Outlaw
The Liminanas - Crystal Anis
Frederic Castel - Open Up
Gryningen - Slia Dagar I Rymdlaboratoriet
Rival Consoles - Sonne
Golden Ivy - Vernissage
Greeen Linez - Hibiscus Pacific
Ducktails - Reprise
H Hawkline - Everybody's On The Line
Horsebeach - It's Alright
Flying Man - Only Love (Jingumae Rooftop Ext Mix)
Nev Cottee - Follow The Sun (Artist Mix)
Nick Garrie - Twilight
The Naturals - Blazing Sun
Dream Lovers - Brasil
Simon Lord - Piece of String
Idjut Boys - Dub Shine
Mushrooms Project - Madruguda
Fila Brasilia - A Zed and Two L's
Woods - Leaves Like Glass
Odd Number - Riviera


Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 32

After ages away, we actually recorded two solo shows this week, following on from Jeff on the Outlaw's show on Tuesday, on Thursday Jif recorded in our usual Balearic Basement. This recording features new tracks from the likes of Closed Paradise, Jacob Gurevitsch, Lexx and Stratus as well as some old favourites.

Hope you enjoy this second edition for the weekend, plans are afoot to get back together and do the next instalment in a couple of weeks. As the holiday season is coming to an end hopefully our output will be a bit more regular over the coming months.

Mogwai - Black Spider
Zarelli - Allendale, California
Jacob Gurevitsch - Mexican Margherita
Jay Bolton - It's All In That
White Sails - Laguna Sunrise
Spinning Motion - Confidence In The Future
July Skies - Swallows and Swifts
Horsebeach - Disappear
Lexx - All That Is Now
Laura Groves - Committed Language
Stratus - Tisno
Simon Lord - Piece Of String
Durutti Column - College
Vetiver - Backwards Slowly
Velly Joonas - Stopp, Seisku Aeg
Gianni Bella - Dolce Luna
Try To Find Me Vol 3 - Needs Ending
Closed Paradise - Horizon
HNNY - Cheer Up My Brother
Tri Arma Und Gyan Nishabda - Naturliche Liebe
King Crimson - Cadence & Cascade
Giorgio Tuma - An Enchanting Blue


Saturday, 5 September 2015

Outlaws Radio Show, 01/09

This Tuesday Jeff hosted the weekly Outlaws Yacht Club Radio Show slot on KMAH in Leeds. We thought as we've been a bit slack on recording shows over the summer we should share this one with you.

You should know what to expect, some great new and old music that we love. Hope you enjoy listening. We'll try and get these uploaded each time we do one in future as well.

Here's the tracklist and download link;

John Stammers - Idle I’m (Colorama Coloured In Remix)
Nev Cottee - Follow The Sun
Ducktails - Headbanging In The Mirror
Tommy Awards EP2 - Hotel Odemark
Slo - Bombora
Hatchback - Nesso
Retiree - This Place
The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage
Sarah Cracknell - Miles Apart
Reverso 68 - Piece Together, Pt 2
Idjut Boys - One For Kenny
Bing Ji Ling - Hangin’ On A String (Lexx Reconstruction)
The Naturals - Blazing Sun
Hooton Tennis Club - P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L.L. P.I.E.R.R.E.
The Phoenix Foundation - Prawn
Stratus - Axis
L.A. Priest - Oino
Grace Jones - Me I Disconnect From You
Sinkane x Peaking Lights - How We Be (Peaking Lights Dub Mix)
Tension - Your Sunshine
Sao Paulo - Villfarelser
Laura Groves - Dream Story
Twisted Wires - One Night At The Raw Deal
Shining Bird - Distant Dreaming
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - The River


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 31

As promised we've managed to make it back to the studio within a reasonable amount of time following the big gap before our last show. This time it's both Jeffo & Jif, so no difficult solo recording this time.

There's been loads of great new records recently so hide your wallets, Jeff has already complained about how much doing this show cost him in stuff he went and bought. Hope you enjoy it and we'll be back again in a couple of weeks.

Yukaten - Word Song
Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe - Cocaine Cat
Hooton Tennis Club - Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair
Pat Metheny - Sueno Con Mexico
Sydney Miller - No Quattro Dos Mocas
Brenda Beachball Ray - Theme From Another Space
Hot Chip - White Wine & Fried Chicken
The Crew - Destination Unknown (Time & Space Remix)
Ruf Dug & Nev Cottee - Le Rayon Vert
Ishinohana - La Luna / Ishinohana
Lion & Lamb - Blown Like A Curtain
A Vision Of Panorama - Floral Rhythm
Super Furry Animals - Hello Sunshine
Gwenno - Golau Arall
Stealing Sheep - This Time
Sarah Cracknell - Miles Apart
Shining Bird - Distant Dreaming
Faze Action - Floating World (Chuggy's Dub)
LA Priest - Oino
Jamie XX - Loud Places (Feat. Romy)
Leonardo Ceccanti - (It's a) Long Way
Retiree - Gundagai
The Breeze - That Look In Your Eyes
Incarnations - I Should've Known


Internet Radio Awards

The International Radio Festival are running their annual Internet Radio Awards, covering the best shows in various genres and the best radio stations by geography. Previous winners include the likes of the Resident Advisor podcast and this year you can vote for us.

The site is not the most intuitive in the world and as it's split by genre we are not an exact fit for any of them. If you do want to support us, you need to go to the link below and go to the vote section and then select 'Rock / Alternative' and enter 'Sounds of Eighty Six' as the show name.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 30

First off, apologies that it's been so long since the last episode, holidays and other commitments have meant we've gone over a month without recording. In order to make sure we didn't keep you waiting any longer, Jif braved a solo recording this week. The show includes quite a lot of new stuff we needed to catch up with, including new tracks from Sarah Cracknell, Vetiver, Pharaohs, Jaako Eino Kalevi and Suzanne Kraft.

Hopefully we'll be able to sort ourselves out a bit better over the next few weeks and will be back with another show either this week or next, in the meantime we hope you enjoy listening to this one and the wait has been worthwhile.

Sarah Cracknell - On The Swings
Thomas Almquist - Sun Signs
National Bedtime - The Left Alone Leave Alone
Vetiver - Confiding
Johan Agebjorn - The Best Thing (with Sally Shapiro)
Blase - Chocolate Noon
Pharaohs - Rinse Dream
Nautic - Freedom Of The Floor (Open Space Remix)
Eleventeen Eston - Indian Blue
Fabiano Do Nascimento - Minha Ciranda
Jaako Eino Kalevi - Don't Ask Me Why
Nev Cottee - Annie
Ben Watt - Empty Bottles
Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band - Koala Bears
Villagers - Everything I Am Is Yours
Jose Manuel - Summer Wind (Jonny Nash Remix)
Suzanne Kraft - Never Heated
W Barthol / M Bohm / R Bauer - Into The Storm
Tony Esposito - Je Na (Special Mix)
Lonely Behaviour - Benny's Trip
Grizzly Bear - Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix)


Friday, 22 May 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 29

Jif and TC with a live recoding from the basement as we stand on the cusp of summer with the Whitsun spring holiday weekend ahead of us.

Look out for music from Gwenno, forthcoming on Heavenly.  European electronica from The Phantom on Emotional Response. Khruangbin release their 1st LP 'The Universe Smiles Upon You' soon but have put out a Record Store Day exclusive 10" of their favourite soundtracks.

There's also a request for a bit of support.  Lo Five (aka Neil Grant) is looking to crowd fund 100 vinyl copies of his 'Taipei Tropics Running Club EP'.  It's a great 3 track 7" and if you fancy a copy it's only £6.50 and the link is here.  There's only 18 days left, so fellow music lovers please don't hang around... you need this music on vinyl!  James Blackshaw has released his 10th LP, Summoning Suns; he even sings on some of them for the first time too.

This week we got the sad news that Michael Kandel the co founder of the ground breaking US record label Exist Dance had died, aged just 47.  Mike was originally from Chicago but moved to California and played a key role defining what was to become know as the 'West Coast Sound'. Look out for a couple of classic tracks he recorded in the early to mid 90's with his fellow Exist Dance founder Tom Chasteen as Tranquility Bass. A sad loss.

Tortoise: Ten Day Interval
Lani Hall: Sun Down
Troels Hammer: Azur
The Phantom: Across The River Beneath The Trees
Georgette: Kirie
Edwyn Collins: Down The Line
Sufjan Stevens: The Only Thing
Javier Bergia: Eucalyptus Blues
Gwenno: Patriarchaeth
Gabby & Lopez: Tide Away
The Phoenix Foundation: Golden Ship
Khruangbin: Il Clan Dei Siciliani (by Ennio Morricone)
Lo Five: Taipei Tropics Running Club (Fund)
Sebastian Tellier: Aller Vers Le Soleil (Tom Furse Mix)
Cornelius: Drop (Tosen Takk Rework by Kings of Convenience)
Vito Ricci: The Ship That Sailed
Lamchop: Gar
Erland Oye: Garota
A tribute to Michael Kandel:
Tranquility Bass: Cantamilla
Tranquility Bass: They Came In Peace
Nautic: Fixxx
James Blackshaw: Averoigne
James McKeown: Euclid Dreaming
Al Dos Band: Doing Our Thing With Pride


Thursday, 21 May 2015

at the Beagle with Patrick Ryder

It's only been 3 weeks' since the last national holiday but hey that's May for you! We're back again this Sunday down at the Beagle and we're joined by special guest Patrick Ryder from our favourite record shop Piccadilly Records here in Manchester. This event is also the official closing party of the Chorlton Arts Festival. Music starts from 4pm and goes on till late. Be great to see you on the terrace. Food and booze served all day and we'll even give you Monday off... deal?