Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 59

Apologies that we missed doing a show in February, but we've done one now so better late than never!

This time it was Jif & TC in the studio as Jeff couldn't make it. There's some great new tracks by S&W, Men I Trust and Westerman amongst others, alongside some old favourites. We were sad to hear of the passing of Mark Hollis recently so had to include a favourite from Talk Talk on this show.

We'll try and get our act together and get another show to you before Easter, thanks for your patience and hope you enjoy the music!

Stano - Out Of The Dark, Into The Dawn
Ishinohana - Lucia
Vetiver - Confiding
Mike Cooper - Night Flower Topu
Sam Evian - Summer Running
Hand Habits - Can't Calm Down
Seconds - Another Day (Lexx Remix)
Men I Trust - Seven
Jim Schoenfeld - Before
Javier Bergia - Midnight Round Mekines
Bonny Doon - Long Wave
S&W - Homecoming
Reverso 68 - Baa Boo
Talk Talk - Happiness Is Easy (12" Mix)
Mr Fingers - Aether
Max Rambhojan - Ou Jou Matin
Jura Soundsystem - Mamma Capes
Ketama - Voyage
Junip - After All Is Said And Done
AM & Shawn Lee - City Boy
Westerman - Outside Sublime
Jacob Gurevitsch - Mexican Margarita
Gruff Rhys - Drones In The City
Il Guardiano Del Faro - Sinfonia Al Sole Che Masce


Thursday, 31 January 2019

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 58

We're back with our first show of 2019 and we're off to a good start as all three of us managed to make it into the studio to record.

We had meant to record last week but had to postpone due to ill health and then had to brave this week's wintry weather to get together.

As always it jumps around a bit and it's a mix of new stuff and old favourites, hope you enjoy listening and we'll be back again next month.

The Fernweh - Timepiece
Steve Gunn - Stonehurst Cowboy
Skinshape - I Didn't Know
Dominique Dumont - Quand
The Bees - Winter Rose (Dub)
Conan Mockasin - Con Con Was Impatient
Delirio Caldo - Midnight
Westerman - Keep Track
Doug Paisley - No One But You
Valley Maker - Beautiful Birds Flying
Michael Rault - New Day Tonight
Stephen Steinbrink - Bad Love
Studio Mule feat Miyoko Kodo - Face To Face (Ambient Version)
Mari Kaneko - Get To Paradise
David Kitt - Like Lightning
Monks Road Social feat Pat Dam Smyth - Rivers Of Gold
Bing Ji Ling - Twilight
Elaine Kibaro - L'Amour Pour Bouclier
Klaus Johan GroBe - Discogedanken
The Orielles - Makes You Forget
Mr Fingers - Qwazars
Simon & Garfunkel - The Only Living Boy In New York
John and Beverley Martyn - Primrose Hill
Orlandivo - Onde Anda O Meu Amor


Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 57

It's time for our last show of the year, after a frankly dismal showing last year when we didn't manage to do many shows, we decided to aim for one show a month. We've managed to pretty much achieve that throughout the year and had a great time getting together to share music.

Thanks to all of you for sticking with us, we really appreciate all the great feedback we get on the show. Hope you all enjoy the festive period and we'll be back in January to start another year of music.

Brenda Beachball Ray - Coolin' In The Rye
Khruangbin - Christmas Time Is Here
Prins Emanuel - Lertaget
Dalholt & Langkilde - Sur Plus
Lexx feat. Harriet Brown - Hot Weather (Dub)
The Alps - Into The Breeze
Jaakko Eino Kalevi - China Eddie
Stubb feat. Huw Costin & Rachel Foster - A Love Not Sex
Melody's Echo Chamber - Quand Les Larmes D'un Ange Font Danser La Neige
Bart Davenport - Girl That Got Away (Peaking Lights Remix)
Calm - Shadows And Lights
Monks Road Social feat. Dr Robert - Lost In Rasa
Colorama - Real Girl
Soy Un Caballo - A Travers La Neige
David Kitt - Less A Lit A Candle For Me
Victor - Amerikan Dread (N.Y.C Dub)
John Makin & Friends - No Lie
Nu Guinea Presents Nuova Napoli - Ddoje Facce
Garagen Uwe - Balayage
Green Seagull - The First Snow Of Winter
Bill Ryder Jones - Mither
The Magic Lantern - Between The World And Me
The Superimposers - Chasing Christmas


Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 56

It's that time of the month again so we're back with our now monthly show, this will be the penultimate show of the year as we'll definitely find a way to get one last recording done in December.

This month it was Jif and TC in the studio and as usual it's a mix of recent music and music from the past we love. Hope you enjoy it and we'll be back again in about a month.

We've also got a couple of nights we're involved in during December so keep your eyes out for a separate post on these.

Marcelo Antonio - Males De Otro Lugar
Calm - Afterglow And First Star
Streetlife - Chain of Command
Melody's Echo Chamber - Vision of Someone Special on A Wall of Reflections
Bonnie & Klein - Iris
Sam Evian - Cactus
The 23's - The Scene Where The Car Blows Away (To Rococo Rot Remix)
Rune Lindbaek feat. Kurt Maloo - Wonder
Quinn Lamont Luke - Otono
Dominique Dumont - Le Soleil Dans Le Monde
Holy Drug Couple - Waterfalls
Hampshire & Foat - Antonio's Theme
Studiomule - Face to Face (Extended Edit)
Colorama - I Can't Give More Than Everything
L'Imperatice - Sonate Pacifique
Hove - Hillside
Kurt Vile - Bassackwards
Courtney Barnett - Depression
Flash And The Pan - Waiting For A Train
Retiree - Gundagai
Roberto Lodola - Marimba Do Mar (Vocal Version)
Kamasutra - Sugar Step
The Police - Darkness
Joy Zipper - Christmas Song


Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 55

With new found professionalism we've managed to make it back into the studio almost exactly a month after we last recorded, so here's our October edition. After coping without Jeff whilst he was on his jollies it was good to all get back together.

Hope you enjoy the show, we certainly had a laugh whilst making it (as you'll probably hear!), see you again in November.

Giorgio Tuma - Oh Marc, Please, Let Me Fly With My LV
Headland - Remain On Stop
The Kenneth Bager Experience - Fat Bottom Penguins
Still Corners - The Message
Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread - Shadow On
Israel Nash - Spiritfalls
Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Let It Go
Retiree - Pumice Stone
Pan Electric - Sweet As Rain
Cigarettes After Sex - K
Jonathan Jeremiah - U-Bahn (It's Not Too Late For Us)
Beautify Junkyards - Piramide
Wavetest - Zappelon
Sink Ya Teeth - Freak 4 The Kick
Parquet Courts - Wide Awake! (Danny Krivit Re-edit)
Holydrug Couple - Hyper Super Mega
Tony Allen & Jeff Mills - On The Run
Mr Fingers - A Day In Portugal
Actual - Dejanira
Bel - Ready To Die (Mudd's Extended Mix)
Wild Nothing - Partners In Motion
Tunng - Abop
D.E - Giant Step
Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love (Jim Burgess Discomix)


Friday, 14 September 2018

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 54

It's been a month so we're back again, this month it's just Jif & TC as Jeff is away on his jollies in California. We tried to get in the studio last week so all three of us could play some music but unfortunately it wasn't possible.

Anyway, we had fun recording the show and we hope that you enjoy it too, we'll be back in October so see you then.

Hampshire & Foat - Jasmine
Peter Broderick - Seeing Things
Carlos Maria Trinade & Nuno Canavarro - Guiar
Erland Oye - Garota
Golden Retriever - Neo Turf Masters
Amor De Dias - The House At Sea
Anna St Louis - Fire
Angelo Ioakimoglu - Slide Break
Ned Dohenny - Think Like A Lover (Mudd's Extended Version)
Horsebeach - Emilia
Troels Hammer - Mother Space (Farbror Resande Mac Remix)
Outfit - Framed
Souvenir - There Was Something Going On
Jeb Loy Nichols - You Got In
Western Skies Motel - Falling Leaves
Sasac - Bootman
Peaking Lights - Little Flower (feat. Chloe Sevigny)
Richenel - It Takes Time
Pharaohs - Island Time
SeƱora - My Way Your Way
Helio Matheus - Briguenta
Ken Dang - Born In Borneo (Jura Soundsystem Edit)
Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada - Low Tension
Bovel - Check 4 U
Los Porcos - D.W.B
Talking Drums - Get Serious
Invisibleland - Los Angeles Is A Desert


Thursday, 2 August 2018

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 53

It's taken a couple of weeks longer than planned but we've all managed to get back in the basement to record a couple of hours of music. Thankfully we tracked down the source of the less than perfect recording quality to a dodgy cable and it's now been replaced, apologies for that! Anyway, hope you enjoy the show and we'll be back again at the end of  August or start of September with the next instalment.

TT - Mykki
Sam Evian - I Need A Man
Gospel Beach - In The Desert
Kevin Morby - City Music
Angelo Ioakimoglu - 77 Bus Trip
Carlos Maria Trinade & Nuno Canavarro - Plan
Trevor Bastow - Integration
Vania Bastos - Tabu
Latimore - Let's Straighten It Out
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Animal Wisdom
77:78 - Chilli
Rolling Blackouts C.F. - Mainline
Spaceman 3 - So Hot (Wash Away All Of My Tears)
Batteaux - High Tide
B&B - Stem (Showbands If Only Mix)
Maya - Lait De Coco (Dub)
Young Gun Silver Fox - Mojo Rising
Colorama - Hapus
Melody's Echo Chamber - Cross My Heart
Here Lies Man - Animal Noises
Flamingo Flame - Simmer
Cantoma - Verbana
Micheal Boothman & Kysofusion Band - Can't Stop Dancing
Jorge Ben - Oba, La Vem Ela


Thursday, 14 June 2018

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 52

After being very poor at getting shows recorded over the last couple of years due to various work and family commitments we decided after doing the Easter show with Rob Bright to make an effort to record monthly. Three months in and we're managing to keep them coming.

The show hops around a fair bit this time, even featuring some serious tops off tracks. Hope you enjoy it, we had a blast recording it.

Apologies the sound quality is a little bit off in places, we had technical issues with the recording and I'm glad to have been able to get it in a state where it can be listened to at all.

Express Rising - Worry Your Time
Blank & Jones - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Special Version)
Bobby Wright - Blood Of An American
Balmorhea - 55
Life On Earth - Come On Summer!
Whyte Horses - The Best Of It (feat. La Roux)
Charles Watson - Voices Carry Through The Mist
Sam Evian - Anybody
Bonny Doon - I Am Here (I Am Alive)
Ara Macao - Canyon
Dalholt & Langkilde - Doucement
Rhye - Song For You
Kaori Inoue - Mythical Sunflake
Meic Stevens - The Sailor And Madonna
Hand Habits - Book On How To Change
Boy Azooga - Losers In The Tomb
Wooden Shjips - Already Gone
Gruff Rhys - Negative Vibes
Bar - Anjali Reverse
Agar Agar - Prettiest Virgin
Penguin Cafe - Wheels Within Wheels
Asso - Don't Stop
Aaron Broomfield - I'm Gonna Miss Ya
Azora - Paradiso '89


Saturday, 5 May 2018

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 51 with Will France

We're back again, this time Jif & TC have been joined by our good friend Will France. Will has played on the show a few times before and it's become a tradition that he joins us before we head over the Pennines to play at the Brewer's Market beer festival at Canal Mills in Leeds.

This year the festival has moved from it's previous November slot to May so hopefully the weather will be kind and allow use of the outdoor space. It's a great venue and there's an excellent selection of breweries and food so hopefully some of you can join us.

Enjoy the show, here's the tracklist:

Balmorhea - Sky Clouds Undress
Woods - Lost In A Crowd
Kazumi Watanabe - Track A1
Sarah Cracknell - Miles Apart
Ampersand - 20 Seas 4 Oceans
Georgia - Kirie
Ferdi - Befreit
Matthew Halsall - A Far Away Space
Khruangbin - August 10
Mark Barrott - Schopenhauer's Garden
Bendith - Can Am Gariad
Swan & The Lake - Fresh Food
Suso Saiz - Un Hombre Oscuro
Gigi Masin - The Word Love
John Makin & Friends - No Lie
Dungen / Woods - Jag Ville Va Kvar
Zee Erf feat Francesca Mondi - Southern Freeze
Pink Rhythm - Melodies Of Love
Andras feat Oscar S Thorn - Romance
Geller & Kaya - Wham Dub
Diva - La Nuit


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 50

Somehow we didn't even manage to realise this was going to be the 50th episode of our podcast since we stopped doing it as a radio show and rebranded. Anyway, it's great that we've managed to crawl over the line to 50 at last!

All three of us made it into the studio and time flew doing the recording so we hope you enjoy listening as much as we did recording. As usual there's a mix of new stuff we've bought and some of our old favourites.

Nils Frahm - My Friend The Forest
Kza - Vous Dansez (Drumless Mix)
The Clientele - Constellations Echo Lanes
Hampshire & Foat - Call Of The Forest
Hand Habits - Sun Beholds Me
Beautify Junkyards - Cabeca Flor
Colorama - So, So Long
Acetone - Always Late
Ty Segall - Cry, Cry, Cry
Chuck Senrick - Don't Be So Nice
Dream Lovers - Brasil
Rhye - Count To Five
David Byrne - Gasoline and Dirty Sheets
The Orielles - Mango
Night Christ - Conversation Policy
Amen Dunes - Blue Rose
The Shacks - Audrey (Spending All My Time With You)
77-78 - Love Said (Let's Go)
Khruangbin - Evan Finds The Third Room
Dr Mary Sullivan Bain - Do You Know Black History
Piper - Samba Night
Atelje - 50/50
Rolling Blackouts C.F. - Fountain Of Good Fortune
Ride - Catch You Dreaming


Thursday, 29 March 2018

Sounds of Eighty Six with Rob Bright

It's very timely that a miracle resurrection has happened at Easter. Due to us struggling to find time for recordings, Rob Bright missed doing his usual Christmas message for us so we've got him in the studio at Easter instead.

I'm not going to promise going back to regular shows but we will make an effort to get something out sooner or later.

Have a great Easter and we'll be back sometime.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith -  I Am A Thought
Mica Levi - Car
Captain Beyond - Bright Blue Tango
Judee Sill - Jesus Was A Cross Maker
The Continental Op - Faster
Dean Hurley - Angel Choir Reveal
Luke Haines - Rock 'n 'Roll Animals in Space
Yusef Lateef - Lowland  Lullaby
Plaid - Ilasas
Arawak - Accadde A Bali
Zimpel/Ziolek - Wrens
Natalie Merchant - San Andreas Fault
Maas - Look At Me Now, Falling (Maas  Zoyd & Prairie Mix)
Mary Epworth - Me Swimming
Farmers Manual - Frog Dies In Sunlight
Stephen Mallinder - Cool Down
John Foxx - Often Now, I Wake
Quincy Jones - Is It Love That We're Missing?
Pharaoh Overlord - Journey
The North Sea Scrolls - Anthem Of The Scrolls
Gabor Szabo - Love Is Blue
Depth Charge - Goal (Sudden Death Penalty Shoot Out)
Sub Sub - Past
Mica Levi - Decision Made
The Good News Circle - I Wish We'd All Been Ready
Tortoise - Peering
Visible Cloaks & Motion Graphics - Terrazo
Dean Blunt - Papi
Scout Niblett - Kidnapped by Neptune
John Cale - Mr. Wilson
Nadine Khouri - Thru You I Awaken
Nonkeen - Diving Platform
23 Skidoo - Just Like Everybody
The Small Faces - Wide Eyed Girl On The Wall
Kevin Ayers - There Is Loving / Among Us / There Is Loving

Friday, 13 October 2017

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 49

It's been a long time and this is only our third show of the year, so we'll have to start off with apologies for that! We have meant to record more often but life just seems to keep on getting in the way.

At last Jif & TC managed to get down to the studio and clear off the cobwebs this week, we were a bit rusty so you'll have to excuse us for that.

There's new stuff from the likes of New Cottee, Penguin Cafe, Molly Nilsson and John Stammers as well as quite a lot of older stuff.

We hope to be back again in 3-4 weeks and try and get a few more shows out before the end of the year, thanks for your patience and enjoy listening.

National Bedtime - The Left Alone Leave Alone
Nev Cottee - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Junip - After All Is Said and Done
BNQT - Unlikely Force
Penguin Cafe - Ricercar
Conor Oberest - You All Loved Him Once
Pharaohs - Oasiics
Incarnations - Let Love Find You
Jorge Ben - Georgia
Canyon  - Contry Lovin'
Drug Dealer feat Weyes Blood - Suddenly
Steely Dan - King of The World
Rob Mehl - Taste and See
Krakatau - Tharsis Montes
Bendith - Can Am Gariad
Mackrory & Collier - Elle Dit (55 Cancri E Remix)
Francoise Hardy - Une Miss S'Immisce
David J Boswell - No Colours
Country Comfort - To Be Lonely
Double Fantasy - Food For Fantasy
Marcos Valle - Estrelar
Molly Nilsson - Not Today Satan
Menage A Trois - Bobby's Prism
John Stammers - I'm Still Waiting Around


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 48

Apologies that we didn't keep up our promise to keep the shows more regular after the last one, technical issues hit again for a while and we got out of the groove. Jif and TC managed to make it down this week to do a recording however, there's great new stuff from New Cottee, B&B and Menage A Trois as well as some great tracks from whilst we've been away.

We'll try and get another show done before our Tenth Birthday celebrations in two weeks (see the article elsewhere on the blog. Hope you enjoy it!

JB Dunckel - Loveless (Sangaile)
Peter Broderick - Not At Home
Jorge Ben - Georgia
Zooey - When The Morning Comes
Three Blind Mice - Laughing Lady
Horsebeach - Breeze
Menage A Trois - Homecoming
Okinawa Delays - Vibration
B&B - Read Me
Nev Cottee - Open Eyes
The Crepes - Cassette
Extra Classic - In This Life
Poolside & Fatnotronic - Esperar Pra Ver
Denis Mpunga & Paul K - Funyaka
Peaking Lights feat. Chloe Sevigny - Little Flower
Junip - Line Of Fire
Christer Norden - Lay Back
Six Organs Of Admittance - Around The Axis
Velly Joonas - Stopp, Seisko Aeg!
Cantoma - Katja
Stephen Steinbrink - It Takes A Lot To Change Your Mind
L.U.C.A - Anni Verdi
Double FM - Sounds Of Amnesia (Playa Mix)
John Paul Young - Love Is In The Air


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Track Brewery, Vertical Drinks & Manchester Beer Week presents Eighty Six

This summer marks ten years' since Jeffo, Jif and TC got together and started DJing at Jam Street Cafe in Chorlton. 

When the owner Rik Garner (First Chop Brewing) contacted TC and said 'I want DJ's who play stuff like Shuggie Otis, do you fancy it?'.... he did! and roping in Jif and Jeff they made Jam St their home for the next 6 years and hosted a weekly show on Manchester's Unity FM.

The ten years' since that have seen the addition of Bugged Out! legend Rob Bright who was a regular guest at Jam St. Various residencies have included The Spoon Inn and Outlaw's Yacht Club in Leeds and stints on Unity FM, Purple Radio and our own irregular podcast from Jif basement studio. 

We've had fun doing lots of one off gigs including Aficionado, Electriks bar, regular bank holiday events at The Beagle (our second home) and hosting rooms at IMBC, Brewer's Market, Magic Rock Social and many more.  

We even had a crack at putting a couple of live bands on including Shawn Lee, Nick Ellis Songs for Walter and getting JWalk to play live their first five gig after ten years' apart.

To celebrate this momentous occasion we've got together with Track Brewing and Vertical Drinks to put on a party which also kicks off the opening of Manchester Beer Week. The venue for the party is Track (at the back of Piccadilly Station) it's a brewtap so expect great fresh beer.

At this point we'd like to thank our great friend Tom Clarke (VisualSound) who's designed every poster we've had, (often at the drop of a hat and for no more than some ale and scan)  He's even done a re-up of one of our favourite posters to celebrate. 

We hope you can make it down, it's been a great ten years' and we'd love to celebrate it with as many of our friends as possible, hey. and it's a Friday too!

Here's to the next ten!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 47

Yes, we know it's been an extraordinarily long time since we last managed to put out a show, but at last we've managed to get our act together and get down to the studio.

This is our first recording in the year we celebrate ten years since we got together as Eighty Six, doing both radio shows and our various DJ appearances. We do hope to plan some things to celebrate this anniversary later in the year, so keep your eyes peeled.

It was a great laugh to get all three of us back in the studio playing some music we love, apologies for the delay and we hope you find it worth the wait.

Ziwi - Float
Kings Of Convenience - I Don't Know What I Can Save You From (Royksopp Remix)
Luca Nieri - Speak Of The Devil
Jonny Nash - Cristina & Caroline
Bendith - Can Am Gariad
Jefferson - Perennial People
Hand Habits - Actress
Weyes Blood - Seven Words
Michael Nau - Love Survive
Golden Retriever - Neo Turf
Silent Riders - I See You
Nancy Noise - Kaia (Original Mix)
Pink Floyd - Wot's... Uh The Deal
Tennis - In The Morning I'll Be Better
Real Estate - Stained Glass
Gulp - Search For Your Love
Begin - Let's Talk
Horsebeach - How Far Must We Go?
Sinkane - U'Huh
Sarah Cracknell - In The Dark (Instrumental)
Jeb Loy Nichols - Never Too Much
Talk Talk - Happiness Is Easy
Jim James - We Ain't Getting Any Younger Pt 1 & 2


Sunday, 12 February 2017

Eighty Six live at Magic Rock with Nick Ellis

This Sunday it's the first run out of the year for our very irregular Eighty Six parties. We're delight to heading over the pennines to play at one of favourite breweries, Magic Rock.

Joining Jif, Jeff and TC at the Magic Rock Tap Social will be Liverpool singer songwriter Nick Ellis. Music starts at 3pm, with Nick on stage at 6pm and the tap closes at 9pm. Entry is free.

We've played tracks from Nick's debut album Daylight Ghosts and his EP Grace & Dagger on our shows and Nick joined us for a short live set in Chorlton last summer. You can hear more of Nick on his Bandcamp.

Thanks to Rich Norgate for the amazing artwork.

More information at Magic Rock Tap Social


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas Message with Rob Bright

It's that time of year when we get fellow Eighty Six member Rob Bright to come down and take over the studio for his (nearly) annual Christmas message.

Rob's Christmas shows have become almost as much a Manchester institution as he is, so after we didn't manage to sort one out last year we needed to make sure it happened this year.

As always from Rob, it's a great selection of music, his thoughts on the year and some ace vocal samples. Hope you enjoy the show and have a great festive period, keep your eyes peeled on Mixcloud as we hope to get a little extra music out to help you recover become Christmas and New Year.

Akron / Family - Last Year
Cliff Martinez - I Would Never Say That You're Fat
Fenster - Samson's Theme
Spirit - Feeling In Time
American Analog Set - Like Foxes Through Fences
Chico Buarque - Deus Lhe Pague
Woods - I See In The Dark
Ron Geesin - Mominous
Cocainejesus - Crush
Peggy Lee - Let's Love
Roisin Murphy - Thoughts Wasted
Yves Tumor - Limerence
Karin Krog & John Surman - Just Holding On
Jim Sullivan - Plain As Your Eyes Can See
Yves Tumor - The Feeling When You Walk Away
Low - Especially Me
Clark - Open Foe
Prince - I Wonder You
Zeal and Ardour - Sacreligium 3
Drexciya - Andrean Sand Dunes
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Le Cadeau
Ricky Lee Jones - The Last Chance Texaco
David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights - Diamond Mine
The Main Ingredient - Euphrates
Alexander Turnquist - Cloud Slicing
Kaytranada - Bus Ride
Damien Jurado - November 20
Bruce Springsteen - Candy's Room
Lucinda Williams - If My Love Could Kill
The Shangri Las - I Can Never Go Home Anymore
Dungen - Jakten Genom Skogen
Add N To (X) - Revenge Of The Black Regents
Black Mountain - Mothers Of The Sun


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 46

We've been back in the studio and this time we all managed to make it down.

For this latest instalment of our semi-regular podcast we've got new music from The Gentle Good, Half Silk, Dos Palos, Invisibleland and White Elephant amongst others. Throw in some re-releases and older stuff and there's the usual two hours of music.

We really enjoyed recording this show, hopefully you'll enjoy listening and we should be back in a few weeks.

John Barry - The Ipcress Files Main Theme
Sleep D - Live At The Amphitheatre Part 1
Britta Phillips - Do It Last
The Gentle Good - Ruins / Adfeilion
Midlake - The Fairest Way
Super Furry Animals - If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You
Philip & Vanessa - Ventura Highway
Smith & Mudd - Errogie
Half Silk - Tsukimi
Luca Nieri - Milk & Honey
Mads Daholt & Frederick Langkilde - Charite
Dos Palos - Sugar Rush
Mild High Club - Skiptracing
Karen Marks - Cold Cafe
Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - Whitecrow (Erol Alkan Rework)
Ulrika Spacek - Porcelain
Nicolas Jaar - No!
PG Six - Bless These Blues
Two Lone Swordsmen - Rico's Helly (Re-tailored by Nourizadeh & Teasdale)
Erland Oye - Lies Become Part Of Who You Are
Invisibleland - Los Angeles Is A Desert
White Elephant feat. Huw Costin - Blood
Mantra Ray Martin - Mangrove Jacks
Michelle Amador - Are We


Sunday, 30 October 2016

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 45 with William France

We made it down to the basement to record another edition of the show and for this one we were joined in the studio by special guest, William France.

Will is well know in craft beer circles for his involvement in some of Manchester's finest bars, such as Common, Port St, The Beagle; managing events like IMBC, Tap & Pin (Sheffield) and working at brewers Cloudwater and Summer Wine.

We've had a connection with Will both musically and as friends, DJ'ing at his venues and the events he's involved with. He's also come from behind the bar to play at Eighty Six, both on the show and with us at the Outlaws Yacht Club.

On Saturday 19th of November, we're playing the afternoon session at the Brewers Market at Canal Mills over in Leeds. So to give you a taster of the event Will came down and played a few selections alongside us.

So what have we got for you? aside from Will's mix, there's plenty of new finds we've picked up over the summer. Plus we've got a preview track from the new Aficionado Recordings EP.  It's a collaboration with Manchester clothing label Good Measure and features Manchester artists (some known, others unknown to us). There's also new music from around the world, with L.U.C.A on the Italian label Mondo, a mantra from India, space-rock from Germany and we end on a re-released New Beat track from Belgium, which is also where we start from.

Dream Lovers -  For Belgium Friends
L.U.C.A - In the Sun
Montezumas Rache and Dominik Von Senger - RheinFahren
Ray Lamontagne -  Homecoming
Matt Sewell's a Crushing Glow Presents Anuradha Paudwal - The Gayatari Mantra
Latimore - Let's Straighten it Out
Karl Blau - Let the World Go By
Elitetechnique - Autumn Abyss

William France: 'Taps off" Brewers Market Mix:
Brian Eno - Deep Blue Day
Javier Bergia - Tierra a la Vista
Horsebeach - June
Ambala - Alla Vita
Menage a Trois - South Seas
CFCF - Fleurs Laisses Dans un Taxi
Jaakko Eino Kalevi - Room
Khruangbin - People Everywhere (Still Alive)
Quinn Lamont Luke - Primavera
Islandman - Agit

Ulrica Spacek - There's a Little Passing Cloud in You
Long Body - On a Big Trip
Black Science Orchestra - Emancipation
Chayell - Beach