Monday, 8 February 2016

An evening with Shawn Lee & Carwyn Ellis

Listeners to our shows will need no introduction to the talents of Carwyn Ellis and Shawn Lee; two of the most highly rated producers and artist in the UK today.

Carwyn can usually be found leading his band Colorama and making solo cinematic electronic music under the Italian guise of Zarelli. He's also recently co-produced, co-written and arranged Sarah Cracknell's Red Kite LP as well as producing albums for Nev Cottee and Edwin Collins.

Whilst Shawn is one of the most prolific artist we know, releasing around 30-35 albums to date and playing and owning just about every instrument going.  He records as Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra and also makes film and computer game soundtracks whilst collaborating with indie artist AM as AM & Shawn Lee and with London electronic group  'Psapp'.  Currently, we're loving playing his West End Coast LP which he's recorded and produced with Andy Platts under the guise Young Gun and Silver Fox.

The good news is these two will be hitting the road in February for a pair of intimate gigs in Manchester and London. We're going to be heading along to the Manchester gig; taking place in the intimate surroundings of the Sacred Trinity Church in Salford.

If you've not been to a gig here before (you're in for a treat) as it's a great little venue to enjoy music in..... plus the music loving Vicar is very welcoming, getting a few barrels of local ale to sell at the bar in the Church entrance!

Make sure you get in early as we're also hearing John Stammers will also be performing. There were only 15 tickets left when I last looked, so don't miss out!  

Manchester: tickets
London: tickets

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