Friday, 22 May 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 29

Jif and TC with a live recoding from the basement as we stand on the cusp of summer with the Whitsun spring holiday weekend ahead of us.

Look out for music from Gwenno, forthcoming on Heavenly.  European electronica from The Phantom on Emotional Response. Khruangbin release their 1st LP 'The Universe Smiles Upon You' soon but have put out a Record Store Day exclusive 10" of their favourite soundtracks.

There's also a request for a bit of support.  Lo Five (aka Neil Grant) is looking to crowd fund 100 vinyl copies of his 'Taipei Tropics Running Club EP'.  It's a great 3 track 7" and if you fancy a copy it's only £6.50 and the link is here.  There's only 18 days left, so fellow music lovers please don't hang around... you need this music on vinyl!  James Blackshaw has released his 10th LP, Summoning Suns; he even sings on some of them for the first time too.

This week we got the sad news that Michael Kandel the co founder of the ground breaking US record label Exist Dance had died, aged just 47.  Mike was originally from Chicago but moved to California and played a key role defining what was to become know as the 'West Coast Sound'. Look out for a couple of classic tracks he recorded in the early to mid 90's with his fellow Exist Dance founder Tom Chasteen as Tranquility Bass. A sad loss.

Tortoise: Ten Day Interval
Lani Hall: Sun Down
Troels Hammer: Azur
The Phantom: Across The River Beneath The Trees
Georgette: Kirie
Edwyn Collins: Down The Line
Sufjan Stevens: The Only Thing
Javier Bergia: Eucalyptus Blues
Gwenno: Patriarchaeth
Gabby & Lopez: Tide Away
The Phoenix Foundation: Golden Ship
Khruangbin: Il Clan Dei Siciliani (by Ennio Morricone)
Lo Five: Taipei Tropics Running Club (Fund)
Sebastian Tellier: Aller Vers Le Soleil (Tom Furse Mix)
Cornelius: Drop (Tosen Takk Rework by Kings of Convenience)
Vito Ricci: The Ship That Sailed
Lamchop: Gar
Erland Oye: Garota
A tribute to Michael Kandel:
Tranquility Bass: Cantamilla
Tranquility Bass: They Came In Peace
Nautic: Fixxx
James Blackshaw: Averoigne
James McKeown: Euclid Dreaming
Al Dos Band: Doing Our Thing With Pride


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