Friday, 8 May 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 28

Many thanks to all those who came to the Beagle for our May Day Eighty Six and a special thanks to Tom aka Lego from aA Recordings and Löffel for being such a great guest.

All three of us were back together in the studio on Tuesday night, recording this show and playing through some of the music we're currently enjoying.

We kicked off the show with a track from the forthcoming Kramford Look album 'Telepaths' and upped the 'jazziness' by playing the Record Store Day exclusive 7" from Pete Wiggs.

Look out for a track from the reissued Super Furry Animal LP 'Mwng' the highest selling Welsh language album of all time (fact fans). TC and Jeff went to see the band play on Wednesday night with our friends from Harvest Sun (welcome home James) it was a truly amazing gig at Manchester's Albert Hall.

There's new music from France by Sebastien Tellier and a long awaited return of Headland from New South Wales.  There's tracks from our Scandinavian collection with HNNY aka Johan Cederberg doing a cut up of the American folk standard 'Farther Along'. A track from the new Death & Vanilla LP via Malmö plus the latest Aficionado vinyl 12" from Stockholm's Fabror Resande Mac. There's also a double helping of Nev Cottee (who turned up at the last Eighty Six party) with 2 tracks from his forthcoming LP 'Strange News From the Sun'.

There's more, we could go on... we usually do.

The Kramford Look: Soft Ocean
Blue Nile: Tinseltown in The Rain
Sven Atterton: The Cove
Pete Wiggs: We've Got The Moves
The Bees: Angry Man
Super Furry Animals: Y Gwyneb Iau
Sebastien Tellier: Aller Vers Le Soleil
Fabror Resande Mac: Quaaludes
Death & Vanilla: California Owls
Mark Barrott: Saviours or Savages
HNNY: Cheer Up My Brother
Headland: Milk Rain
Mother Funk: Sunshine
Gene Clarke: No Other
Eccentric Edits: The Beginning
Jean Luc Ponty: Mirage
Japan: Taking Islands In Africa
Jonny Nash: Exit Seven
Nev Cottee: Scarlet Rose / Light
Sasac: Crashsite
Guy Cuevas: Ebony Game
Pollyester: My Father's Eyes
Stealing Sheep: Sequence
Dutch Uncles: Decided Knowledge
Mugwump: Until You're Worth It (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
No Zu: Mystik C (Medusa Mix)
ASS: Hit Considered


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