Thursday, 2 April 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 26

It may be the time of year for miracles (if you're religious) but getting all three of us into the studio for the third show on the bounce... that's about as good as it gets, for us!

Jif, Jeffo and TC headed down to the basement to serve up their very own 'movable feast' of new music and stuff we thought you'd enjoy.  Moonboots, very kindly sent us a promo of the new Aficionado release; they're up to number 13 and there's no let up in the quality. This time it's Swedish group Fabror Sande Mac, delivering a great 5 tracker.

It's always nice when people send in suggestions, so thanks to Andrew Lester for the tip on ex Gorky's guitarist Richard James' new solo LP.  There's also music from the new Bambi Davidson LP on Claremont 56 and a track from his ace second (maybe even better than the 1st?) EP from Jonny Nash on his Melody As Truth label.

Legends of 80's italo-disco, Koto have an album out called 'Original Masterpieces', which brings together hard to find tracks via the Mirumir label.  'The big lad!' Matthew E White's back again and his new LP 'Fresh Blood', is another one which could pip his first LP... that's some dam fine going!

Look out for trip-hop from the furthest tip of Norway, (Vardo to be precise) as Omena reissue an ep originally out and then slipping under the radar in 2004.  Moon Duo's great new LP, 'Shadow of the Sun' (check that artwork) also gets a spin, as does the excellent debut EP 'Cove' from London's Sven Atterman.  Jeff got to finish off the show, proclaiming his love for the Pollyester LP 'City of O' (out now on Germany's Disko B label) and we open the show with music from Leigh in Lancashire, via the brilliant Ono label.

Not one to passover.

White Dot: Flutten
Richard James: Do You Know Me?
Bambi Davidson: Cattle
Headland: The Hum Song
Syracuse: Louventura
Tornaado: Jahiklass 470
Jonny Nash: Exit 1
Peals: Blue Elvis
Dos Palos: I've Been Around (Seahawks Ultra Mix)
Kasper Bjørke: Heaven (Nicolas Jarr Mix)
Shintaro Sakamoto: In A Phantom Mood
Fabror Resande Mac: Pacific North
Koto: Chinese Revenge
Gilberto Gil: Maracatu Atomico
Matthew E. White: Love Is Deep
Moon Duo: In A Cloud
Nueva Costa: Ava Del Paraiso
13th Floor Elevators: You're Gonna Miss Me
Phil Manley: FT2 Theme
Phrased: Misty
James Blackshaw: All is Falling (Parts 3 and 4)
Omena Ltd: Nynningen 2
John David Souther: Midnight Prowl
Sven Atterton: Closer
Peaking Lights: Everyone and Us
KM Editions 6: Astral Playground
Pollyester: In My Boots



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