Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Zarelli Falling Light video by Mark Warrington

If you're a regular listener to our shows you'll know how much we love Colorama and you'll probably be aware of Carwyn's latest musical offshoot Zarelli, part of the Seriés Aphōnos project.

'There Will Come Soft Rains' uses the voice from the now departed Leonard Nimoy reading from Ray Bradbury's 1950's post-apolyptic short story 'The Martian Chronicles'. Carwyn's soundtrack adds an icy layer of electronics bringing beautiful drama and atmosphere to the dystopian tale. It's a great piece of work and one we highly recommend you seeking out as playing one track off it doesn't really do justice to hearing the full story. 

I was listening to this again on the train home from London last night, looking out into the early Spring gloom. Part audiobook, part soundtrack it's inthralling; at times the music almost slides into the background as Nimoy delivers his tragic and tense story. In other passages Carwyn cranks up the mood with echoes of italo-disco which remind me of the soundtrack to Dario Argento's Tenebre. 

Our friend and past Eighty Six podcast guest the very talented Mark Warrington has also provided a great animation for the track 'Falling Light'. 

Mark says : "The animation depicts a moment of tranquility as the garden sprinklers switch on like clockwork and fill the garden with falling light. The animation took around 3 weeks to make in After Effects also involving trips out into Salford to take photos of the the old decaying factories and crumbling bricks and then composing them around the modernist house. Leonard Nimoy unfortunately passed away on the 27th of February which was just days after I finished making this animation so it also stands as a small tribute to him".

CD & Vinyl available from: Seriés Aphōnos
Music: Carwyn Ellis (Zarelli/Colorama)
Direction & Animation: Mark Warrington

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