Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 24

After a few technical hitches we're finally back with you.  We got three-quarters of the way through the first recording only to find out, it wasn't...

We then gave ourselves a night off and went to watch Olafur Arnalds at the RNCM, which was the centerpiece of Manchester's Future Everything Festival.  

Jif and TC were your host when we finally got round to recording the show.

Look out for a strong Scandinavian influence with tracks by Troels Hammer, Rune Lindbaek, Oyvind Blikstad and Johan Agebjorn. A couple of classic early 90's deep house reissues. There's also a track from the excellent new Laura Groves EP and the new Bing Ji Ling track (remixed by our friends at Coyote) which will have you dreaming of summer days!

Enjoy the show.

Troels Hammer: Birdy
Balmorhea: A Circumnavigation
Stephen Steinbrink: Impress My Memory
Jaak Jürisson: Korduvalt
Templehof & Gigi Masin: Joe Jordon
Laura Groves: Committed Language
Len Leise: Spirit of Ssanyu
Johan Agebjorn: The Leftovers (with Loney Dear)
Simone White: Never Been That Tough
Jim Ranson: It's So Profound
Apiento & Co: The Light Machine
The Utopia Project: File#1
Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada: Low Tension
Bing Ji Ling: See Me Through (Coyote Dub Version)
Eddie C: Sloneczna Promenada
Stalker: Slow
Gareth Dickson: Like a Clock
Formation: Waves
Robert Vanderbilt & the Foundation of Souls: A Message Especially From God
Rune Lindbaek & Oyvind Blikstad: North
Amii Stewart: Friends
Cortex: Pauver Star
Maas: Look at Me Now (Zoyd and Prairie Mix)
Bonnie & Klein: Demode


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