Friday, 23 January 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 22 with Moonboots

As we make the long journey through January, what better way to beat the winter blues than having your friends round and sharing some good times.

On this weeks' show we had the pleasure of being joined down in the basement by Moonboots from Aficionado Recordings.

Richard kindly brought along some of the forthcoming releases on his and Jason's excellent record label and you can hear them alongside his brilliant selection during a 1 hour 'talk-free' middle section of the show.

It was a busy old night down in the basement with Topsy Von Salkeld who designs the Nado artwork, posters and merchandise joining us alongside our friends Leonado and Elaine. We started the night off with a lovely Southern Indian meal and then headed down to the studio with some wine and a few winter ales.

Look out for new tracks by Icasol and Cliff Martinez and previews of forthcoming releases from Jaak Jürissoni (on Frotee), Nev Cottee, Len Leise, Half Silk (Ryan from Horsebeach solo project) and Eleventeen Eston.

Cliff Martinez: Pan to Me
Icasol: Prinzenengel
Woo: Magic In the Dark
Balmorhea: Dream of Thaw
Nancy Elisabeth: Winter, Baby
Jaak Jürissoni: Laste Mangutuba
BAR: Anjali Reverse

Moonboots: Winter in the basement mix
Juan Martin: The Diver
La Fiancée: Driving Away From Home
Javier Bergia: Gran Via
Anita Strandell: Elektrista Du
Aska: Htela Bih Da Situ
No Zu: Eternity
Mads Dalholt & Fredrick Langkilde: Charité
Roger Rönning: Mitt, Men Anda Utanfor
BBB005: Baatside
Len Leise: Asmat Images
Ménage à Trois: Conditional Love
Leonardo Ceccanti: (It's) a Long Way
Half Silk: Delicious Crime
Eleventeen Eston: Indian Blue

Gaussian Curve: Broken Clouds
Barefoot Jerry: Friends
Peter Broderick: Roscoe
Arthur Russell: Come To Life
Dungen: Min Enda Vän
Nev Cottee: If I Could Tell You


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