Thursday, 8 January 2015

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 21

The first week back after the holidays is usually the time when we look back on our favourite music of the past year.  We've decided to break with tradition this year and record a self indulgent show; looking to the future and playing some stuff we've been listening to whilst on holiday.

This was our first visit down to the studio since we recorded Rob Bright's Christmas show and with it being a bitterly cold night we decided to start with some uptempo tracks to warm us up.  
Work commitments kept Jeff away from the studio this week so you've got TC and Jif down in the basement.  As ever a few records and a short bit of chat to keep you updated, all unplanned and recorded live.  

Right 2015, let's do this.                                                     

Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy: Mystic Trip
Silk Rhodes: Face 2 Face
Bonnie & Klein: Total Blue
Young Marco: Out of Wind
Ibibo Sound Machine: Got to Move Got to Get Out
Lucia Nieri: January Man
Khruangbin: The Recital that Never Happened
Flash and the Pan: Walking In the Rain
Luca C & Briggante: Lucio
Boards of Canada: Open the Light
Begin: Baseballs
Real Estate: Past Lives
Colorama: I Can't Give You More than Everything
Amor De Dias: The House At Sea
Gaussian Curve: Ride
Onyricon: Sweet Dreams (Sun Mix)
Mr Marvin: Entity (Fitzcarraldo... Extasy of Love)
Dj Nori: Nomad
Andras & Oscar: Looking Back
Party Dad: Dream Dancing
John Martyn: Don't Wanna Know
Meic Stevens: Love Owed
Headless Heroes: True Love Will Find You in the End (The Earlies Mix)
Making Marks: Barcodes  

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