Friday, 5 December 2014

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 20 with Tom James

With both Jeff and TC away on their holidays this week, rather than postpone the scheduled episode of the podcast we invited our good friend Tom James down to the Balearic Basement to record with Jif.

As a one off we've recorded a different format this week, rather than us waffling on as usual, we let the music do the talking with more of a continuous mix.

For our next podcast, and probably our last for the year, we're going to be keeping up our Christmas tradition and inviting Rob Bright to come and join us to share his seasonal message of joy. Hope you enjoy this week's effort and see you in a couple of weeks.

Headland: Hum Song
Jane Weaver: Stealing Gold
The Gino Fontaine: Konkondo (Stratus Remix)
Vetiver: Fog Emotion
Uyama Hiroto: In The Sea
Bart Davenport: Girl Gotta Way (Peaking Lights Remix)
Steve Cobby: The Golden Bullion
Michael Shrieve: Transfer Station Blue
Spike: Your Time Will Come
Renee: Dry Your Tears
TOPS: Easier Said
Young Marco: Trippy Isolator
Dos Palos: I've Been Around
Farbror Resande Mac: En O I Atlanten
Lucio Battisti: Quest Amore
Sasac: Crash Site
Anna Domino: Target
Werner Williams: You've Got Style
Culture Beat: (Cherry Lips) Der Erdbeermund
Andras Fox: What They Say (feat. Oscar S Thorn)
Kraftwerk: Computer World
Garth Be: ?
Mazzy Star: Common Burn


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