Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 13

Jif, Jeff and TC were all down in the studio for this edition.  Jif was back from his family holiday in Portugal and it felt good to be back recording.  

There was plenty of new music to enjoy too.  The show opens with Templehof's new release from Manchester's Aficionado recordings. Then there's part 2 of BJ Smith's 'Tribute to the Greats' with a lovely cover of Hey Ya! There's new music taken from Horsebeach's and Gulp's debut LP's (both worthy of your attention).  A new 7" from The Clientele (welcome back!). Great tracks from LA Hell Gang on BYM records (who like label mates Nueva Costa come from Chile). We're also got Psychemagic turning in a speaker rumbling mix on Leng of 'The Sandpiper'.  Also listen out for Universal Cave (no, we've not a clue either) and on tape (yes, a tape) Jon Tanner from Perth who records as Eleventeen Eston on NotNotFun and the B side of the new Begin 12" called... Bees.

Jump on in... we got ya!

Templehof: Piano Piano
Nick Drake: At the Chime of a City Clock
National Bedtime: The Left Alone Leave Alone
BJ. Smith: Hey Ya!
Wye Oak: The Tower
The Forest & The Trees: Putting Down the Gun
The Clientele: On a Summer Trail
Begin: Bees
Nautic: Show
Bonnie & Klein: Carina
Universal Cave: Around the Bend
Nueva Costa: El Cerro Del Sol
LA Hell Gang: Sweet Dear
Horsebeach: Midnight
Poolside: Harvest Moon
The Sonics: Rainmaker
Kings of Connivence: Rule My World
Mystic Institute: Ob-selon Mi-nos (Reload Re-paint)
The Thievery Corporation: Quem Me Leva
Joan Biblioni: La Espanola
40 Theives: The Sandpiper (Psychemagic Mix)
Jakko Eino Kalevi: Sensattio
Gulp: Clean & Serene
Boran Petrovig: Zajedno Srecni
Eleventeen Eston: The Sling (from cassette)
Faze Action: In the Trees                                                                                                  



  1. Thanks for including Universal Cave in the podcast guys! We have more releases on the way!

    1. Thanks for the link Shawn. We still don't know what the original is but it's a great track. Pleased you've got more high quality stuff coming out and we'll keep an eye out for them!

  2. Great show guys. Have to say I loved Midnight by Horsebeach. Just listened to their album on Spotify and its really good. Thanks for pointing me in their direction!

    1. Thanks for the comments Chris. It's great to know that people are listening and enjoying finding new music (we don't get much feedback on here). It's the Horsebeach LP album launch party tonight in Manchester Ryan's recorded it mostly at home between working at Piccadilly Records. We played his fist single faded eyes quite a bit and we're made up he's got a band together and the LP out.