Friday, 31 January 2014

Sounds of Eighty Six, Volume 2

Welcome to the second of our podcasts.
Jif, Jeff and TC, live in the studio. 1 take, 2 hours of music as it comes.

Bill Callahan: Spring
Death & Vanilla: Ghosts In The Machine
Lullabies In The Dark: Song for Marie & Elise
Bliss: Calling
Mountains: Tilt
Jonathan Wilson: Desert Trip
Jessica Pratt: Night Faces
Devendra Banhart: Brindo
White Sails: Laguna Sunrise
Colorama: Anytime
AM & Shawn Lee: Down The Line
Connam Mockasin: Why Are You Crying?
BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Vespucci
Express Rising: Daniel Fern
Lô Borges – Eu Sou Como Você é
The Hand: Hovering Wasp
Lucid Dream: Heading For the Waves
Espers: Caroline
Nueva Costa: Elgran Esperito
Fujiya & Miyagi: 16 Shades of Black & Blue
Evans Pyramid: Never Gonna Leave
Kings Crimson: Cadonce & Cascades
Pharaohs: Oasics
Dan Solo: Love Me For A Reason
Making Marks: A Thousand Half Truths (Alternative Mix)
Tornaado: Jahiklass 470
Bill Janvitz: Matter 


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