Thursday, 31 October 2013

Universal Language Radio Show 27/10

This week saw all three of us back in the studio for the first time in a while, you can probably tell from the chortling in the background we had a good laugh making this show, hopefully you'll enjoy listening to it as much.

The show features new stuff from the likes of The Monks Kitchen, Arp, Michael Head, Jonathan Wilson and Nev Cottee mixed with some old favourites. We'll be back with another instalment in two weeks time.

The Monks Kitchen: Shake
Precipizio: Blue Marine
Arp: Daphne & Chloe
Gary McClure: The Blue Between
Jacco Gardener: The One Eyed King
Mark Lanegan: Deepest Shade
White Sails: Laguna Sunrise
Tornaado: Jahiklass 470
Steven Stills: My Angel
Richard Torrance & Eureka: Him
Clive Tanaka y Su Orchestra: International Heartbreaker
Steve Mason: I Let Her In
Clinic: For The Seasons
Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band: Lucinda Byer
Cian Ciaran: Pachamama
Olafur Arnalds: Poland
Mum & Dad: Big Pen 2
Gabor Szabo: Paint It Black
Express Rising: Worry Your Time
Jonathan Wilson: Cecil Taylor
Musiccargo: Domino
Mop Mop: Kama Kumba
Out Of The Basement: Brothers Dub
Zero 7: Don't Call It Love
Erland Oye: Ghost Train (Instrumental)
Nev Cottee: Oslo (Ruf Dug Remix)


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