Saturday, 13 July 2013

Universal Language Radio Show 7/7 with Danny Seek Magic

Apologies but we're had a few problems with uploading the last show but we've managed it at last!  Jeffo and Jif had the pleasure of being joined in the basement by a special guest for the show, with our good friend Danny Potts from Seek Magic popping down to do a very special live guest mix.

Unfortunately you'll still have to put up with us bookending Danny's mix for now, playing some new stuff from the likes of Icasol, The Ganges Orchestra, Peals, Stratus, Maricopa and AM & Shawn Lee. Unfortunately due to holidays we won't be doing a show this coming Sunday but we should be back to normal from August 4th.

In the meantime you can catch us over in Leeds at Outlaws Yacht Club on Friday, down at Spoon Inn with Wes from Cutloose on Saturday and then at De Nada on August 2nd with our good friend Planty.  

Here's the tracklisting and download links:

Icasol: Veleka
Mountaineer: A Town Called Idaho
The Ganges Orchestra: The Calling
Peals: Blue Elvis
Stratus: Sympatry
Begin: Help Me

Danny's Mix

Last Waltz: Beholden (Part 1)
Thomas Dolby: Budapest By Blimp
Maricopa: Masson
AM & Shawn Lee: Two Times
Paqua: We Are What We Are
Harry Baldi: Can't Kick This Feeling


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