Monday, 21 January 2013

Universal Language Radio Show Best of 2012 Part 1

Our first proper broadcast of the year marks the first part of our annual 'Best of' show. We've decided that we couldn't do the new releases of 2012 justice in just 2 hours so therefore we're splitting it over 2 shows, the next installment will be with you in a fortnight.

This part features a wide selection of tracks we loved from the last year, a year when labels such as Aficionado Recordings, Fruits De Mer, Claremont 56, Great Pop Supplement and Is It Balearic? put out some great material. Let's hope 2013 compares with last year, if so we'll be looking forward to discovering lots of new artists as well as new material from some of our favourites.

Here's the tracklisting and recording:

The Chromatics: Into The Black
Cat Power: Sun
Mark Lanegan Band: Harbourview Hotel
Taken By Trees: Dreams
Ampersand: 20 Seas 4 Oceans
Josephine: What A Day (I Think It Was Love)
Permanent Clear Light: Higher Than The Sun
M Ward: The First Time I Ran Away
Tommy Awards: Skuggan
Allah Las: Long Journey
Colorama: Winner
The Brianjonestown Massacre: Panic In Babylon
Driver Drive Faster: Voices Pt2
Sun River: Dawn Patrol
Violet Woods: Raw Love
Land Of Light: Bell Rock Outpost
Peter Broderick: It Starts Here
Wildeflower: Good Girl
Bodies Of Water: Open Rhythms
Rhye: The Fall
Django Django: Default
Paqua: The Visitor
Chris Coco: Letter From Erika
Torn Sail: Treasure
Rune Lindbaek feat Kurt Maloo: Wonder
Reverso 68: Baa Boo

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