Sunday, 15 July 2012

Universal Language Radio Show 15/07

After not being able to broadcast the show last week, Jeffo and Jif are back this week with another two hour show.

If you're in the Liverpool area, you can catch Jeffo tonight alongside Richard Hector-Jones and Bernie Connor at Summerlovesensation at the Bridewell in Campbell Square.

Here's the tracklisting and download link for the show:

Catherine Howe: It Comes With The Breeze
I Boat Captain: Slower
Alessi's Ark: Wire
Amycanbe: Your Own Thing
Neil Young: Old Man
Gulp: Game Love
Jose Gonzalez: Cycling Trivialities
George Cromarty: Flight
Coyote: The Cat's Asleep
Smoke Fairies: She Sells Sanctuary
Air: How Does It Make You Feel?
Vetiver: You May Be Blue
The Turs: Love Street
Bodies Of Water: Open Rhythms (Mudd Remix)
John Klammer: Humbling Love
The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Panic In Babylon
Wooden Shjips: Aquarian Time
Regular Fries: The Prayer
Widowspeak: Limbs
He Said: Pump
Lanterns On The Lake: Lungs Quicken
Reverso 68: Piece Together (Part 2)
Hercules & Love Affair: Athene
Pharaohs: Uhh Uhh
Talking Heads: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)


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