Sunday, 22 April 2012

Universal Language Radio Show with Stuart Burnell

After a couple of weeks off due to the Easter Holidays and TC having an unfortunate accident and breaking his leg (get well soon mate, looking forward to getting you back on the show!), Jeffo and Jif were back in the studio with special guest Stuart Burnell.

Stuart is a good friend of the show and appeared as a guest back in our Unity days, it's been a long time since then though and it was great to get him back on. He played some great stuff so we're sure you'll enjoy the show. Here's the tracklisting and recording:

Caia: La Telecabine
Andrew Bird: Desperation Breeds
The Superimposers: People
Lightships: Two Lines
Fuxa: Our Lips Are Sealed
Amateur Best: Be Happy

Stuart's Selection:
Mark Isham: Love Theme
Sandy Denny: I'm A Dreamer
Roger Glover: The Fourth Rings With The Wind
Peter Gabriel: Don't Give Up
Bread: The Chosen One
Barney Wilen: Africa Freakout
Leon Russell: Can't Get Over Losing You
Donovan: Barabajagal
Jim Ford: Love On My Brain
Robert Plant: Big Log
Jerry Harrison: Things Fall Apart
Lavvi Ebbel: Telepatia
Glissandro 70: Portugal Rua Rua

Vetiver: Fog Emotion
Reverso 68: Baa Boo
Kindness: Gee Up
Idjut Boys: One For Kenny


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