Monday, 12 December 2011

Listener recommends: Marc Kets

We've received this lovely round-up from Marc Kets out in rural California.

It's great to know you're still listening to the show Marc and thanks for the kind words and the engaging description of the choices.

All your friends at Eighty Six wish you a Happy New Year.

What's your top ten? why not send us yours? A simple list a top 10 or a few notes, whatever you fancy. Go on inspire us. music's all about sharing.
1. Michael Kiwanuka – Tell Me A Tale
- I first heard this on Gilles Peterson’s show and it stood out like a sore thumb in and amongst some really great records that were played that night. Part soul, part Afrobeat, all parts brilliant. Michael is a talent for all ages and there isn’t anything that he has put out that I have even been the faintest bit cold about. Brilliant stuff from someone who if there is any justice in the world will be a household name in 2012.
2. Destroyer – Kaputt
- I bought this at Amoeba as a recommendation from one of the staff there who was very enthusiastic about it almost to the point of annoyance. Brilliant lyrics and an understated groove with probably the only trumpet line I’ll like for years to come. There is something beautifully ethereal about this. An instant classic that I was really pleased to hear the boys on Universal Language play a few days after I made the purchase. It doesn't happen too often that I have a record that they have before they play, afterwards yes, they're costing me a small fortune!
3. Jonathan Wilson – Desert Raven
- This is one that I came to love via this very radio show. I thought it was something that they had dug up in the joyous depths of King Bee or somewhere and I was delighted to find it nestled in and amongst the racks at Amoeba. I have listened to this far more times than I should have and on most days when walking in the mountains up here this is like a warm blanket for the soul.
4. The Stepkids – Santos and Ken
- This is one that grew on me. They don’t exactly fit to the Stones Throw stereotype – but then again what is the Stones Throw stereotype? – but after a few listens I kept on coming back to this one. Not a million miles away from Rubber Soul –era Beatles but drenched in noughties’ psychedelia, and all the better for it. The rest of the album is worth a punt as well.
5. Rough Fields – The Harbour Wall
- I’m not sure how I came across this. Maybe a recommendation from my ex, I can’t remember. Anyway, it really did stand out on what wasn’t exactly the best of EP’s. I love the mood and the pacing of the record. There is something truly sublime about every element of the record and every good record collection digital or otherwise really does need this nestled in.
6. Zomby – Natalia’s Song
- The record I am most jealous of, and probably the record that I listened to the most in 2011 beyond the last one on my relatively hastily assembled list. Zomby is the secretive sort and this record came out on 4AD of all places, but what I love and admire is that he is able to do a hell of a lot with very little. It truly sucks you in and there is a place where I live that you can see all the way to Mexico from over mountains and plains, and I go there every once in a while to watch the sunrise and this is my soundtrack. Absolutely brilliant and granted I do sound like a hippie twat but what can you do? I love this.
7. Peaking Lights – All The Sun That Shines
- There is something truly magical about Peaking Lights. They drench their records in Lee Perry level echo but without taking you to a dirty basement in Brixton with marijuana smoke as thick as pea soup, which to be fair sounds like a good time. I love how this record goes off on a bit of a sidestep and you just follow it along like a cosmic puppy after a clue to where the otherworld weirdness is coming from. I really love this record.
8. The Phenomenal Handclap Band & Marcos Valle - Tudo O Que VocĂȘ Podia Ser
- The standout track from the new Red Hot + Rio comp, which to be fair is a collection of standouts. To me this is what the summer sounds like. A little slice of absolute perfection. As a side note, I got to meet Bing Ji Ling at Heather’s in New York City and his beard is a thing of beauty.
9. Raphael Saadiq – Go To Hell
- When the gospel choir kicks in this goes from being good to sublime. If I was still a DJ of sorts this would be my last record of the night. I got to see him at Coachella and this was a pure standout for me. This a wonderful piece of music to stir the soul and put a smile across your boat for hours afterwards. It always gets a "rewind" in the car out here.
10. Illum Sphere – One For Dimlite
- Yes I know this came out in 2010 but this is the record that has helped me the most this year. I went through a relatively rough breakup and this is the record that I listened to almost on loop and it always made me smile, and it always took my mind to somewhere happier, and for that it gets into my top 10 for 2011. Thanks, Ryan!

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