Friday, 25 November 2011

Best Records Of The Year?

It's approaching December and Piccadilly Records have published their records of the year, this has got us thinking about what our favourite tracks of the year are. As usual we'll be doing a special radio show rounding up our favourites before Christmas.

If you've got favourite's you think we should consider then either post a comment on here or over on our Facebook page. Here's a few early contenders:


  1. Not an original recording, but could be the best re-edit of the year. And that's coming from someone who doesn't really listen to re-edits and doesn't even know what year this is from.

    Its good though.

  2. Cheers Danny, definitely one we'll be considering, we've played it on the last 2 shows. It's from 1974 apparently, don't really listen to many edits either but this one and Psychemagik - Valley of Paradise (edit of David Crosby - Orleans) are both among my favourite records released this year.

  3. Posted some of these on the FB page, but have added to the list:

    Meg Baird - Seasons on earth
    Destroyer - Kaputt
    Barn Owl and The Infinite String Ensemble - The Headlands (technically late december '10, but...)
    Skull Defekts - Peer Amid
    Panda Bear - Tomboy
    Wells/Moffat - Everythings getting older
    Mogwai - Hardcore...
    Epic 45 - Weathering
    John Maus - We must become the pitiless..
    The Advisory Circle - As the crow flies..

  4. Torn Sail - Birds
    Psychemagik - Valley of Paradise / Wake Up Everybody
    Rub n Tug - All 4 U (instrumental)
    Beautiful Swimmers - Open Shadow
    John Stammers - Idle Im (colorama mix)
    Mountaineer - Always Coming Hone
    High Llamas - Take My Hand
    Fleet Foxes - Sim Sala Bim
    Amor De Dias - Late Morning
    Thurston Moore - Benediction
    Wilco - One Sunday Morning
    Iron and Wine - Half Moon
    King Creosote and Jon Hopkins - Bats In The Attic
    Bill Ryder Jones - Enlace
    Stealing Sheep - I Am The Rain

    I could go on....