Monday, 24 January 2011

Universal Language joins Purple Radio

Whilst recording the show last week we received a very nice email from Purple Radio. They've been listening to the podcasts and have offered us a slot on their station. We're going to be on between 3.30 and 5.30pm every Sunday evening.

For those that don't know much about Purple Radio, they won internet radio station of the year in 2009 and came runner up in 2010.

The station is built around a community of music loving friends and looking at the schedule for Sundays, I'd say we'll feel right at home.

We're really pleased about this invitation to join them, it allows us to reach a wider audience without compromising or changing the show.

We'd like to thank all of you who have helped spread the word in the last 3 months since we set up our studio.

Talking of the show, Moonboots is joining us in the Balearic Basement next week and we're really looking forward to that.

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