Monday, 8 November 2010

Rob Bright, sundown at the Electric Elephant

It's a great honour for us to be given this mix by Rob Bright at this years Electric Elephant Festival. To set the scene, here are a few words and pictures from him to accompany a stunning mix he did looking out to sea with that sunset in front of him.

Over to Rob

Petrcane has some of the most amazing sunsets you can see, so I wanted to try and show it some respect. This was the last night of the festival, and most other DJs on the Beach Bar that week had simply carried on playing dance music through the sunset, which many of us thought was a little disappointing, so I guess this was The Last Chance Salon for a proper atmospheric sundown session. Also, I'd never really had the chance to do one before - tried it in Ibiza about 10 years ago, but a crowd of ravers moaned like fuck. Electric Elephant was a different proposition. I'd probably do it completely different tomorrow, but this is exactly where my head was at on that day.

Rob Bright

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