Friday, 15 October 2010

Record Of The Month - Help Us Decide

We're pretty well known for championing new music on the radio show and down at our monthly night at Jam St Cafe. With this in mind and the fact that we have a weekly radio show we thought it was only fitting that we'd have a 'record of the week' slot.

To make this bit more exciting we've put a twist on it. We'll play our record of the week every week on the show every Sunday; then once a month, we'll put the vote out to the listeners and here on the blog for 'Record of the Month'.

Let us know what you think, here (or on our Facebook page) and we'll pick a worthy winner and also give you a shout. We'll play all these tracks and the winner this Sunday 17th October .

Mascara: Golden Years

Released for the first time on 7" and on White vinyl. Recorded from the original master and lovingly extended by the Homophono team which includes Aficionado's Jason Boardman. Only 500 pressed for the world (we warned you at the time they would not be around for long). A real collectors piece these.

The Hundred in the Hands: Young Ain't Young

The Hundred In The Hands are Brooklyn’s Eleanore Everdell and Jason Friedman, and this is a track taken from their self-titled debut album. It's an emotionally charged long player, calling on everything from the elegant French pop of Serge Gainsbourg, female harmonies of Au Revoir Simone and the late 80s Balearic sound of Andy Weatherall's productions for One Dove.

Pacific Horizons: The Forest Electric

We put the first Pacific Horizons debut EP "Universal Horizons" in our list of top tunes of the summer. Jeffo played it at the Trip Festival and it's caused many a summer air punching moment. If you don't know them, Pacific Horizons are a band from the LA area, and have that distinct West Coast feel to their music. This is their second release (that we know of) and "The Forest Electric" is the track Jif played on the show a couple of weeks ago. It hints at that mid - late 70s dreamy soft rock Fleetwood Mac vibe but still with a good bit of Balearic chug. No video at the moment so you'll have to make do with this Soundcloud link.

The Radio Dept: Never Follow Suite

Taken from the eagerly anticipated Swedish indie pop album "Clinging To A Scheme". Jeffo's already played 'Never follow Suit' a few times on the show and also out at electrik bar and Jam St Cafe. He got an early copy from the record label so we decided that in the week of its proper release it was only fitting that it should be our record of the week. Look out for the great vocal sample in the middle which is lifted from from the 80's hip- hop documentary/film, Style Wars.

So what's your fave then? let us know here or on our Facebook page

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