Saturday, 23 October 2010

James Holroyd plays Eighty Six

After last month's very enjoyable evening in the company of Rob Bright we're pleased to announce that this month we'll be joined by none other that Mr James 'Begin' Holroyd.

A little bit of history:

I've gone to so many nights where James has been DJing, it's hard to know where to start but I thought I'd try and put something together ahead of his gig at Eighty Six.

A native Yorkshireman James started off at the now legendary Leeds clubnight Back To Basics. I first saw him playing at the venues original home of The Music Factory around 1992 alongside Huggy, Ralph Lawson and the late Ali Cooke. When Basics moved to the Pleasure Rooms in '94 James and Huggy played the music I enjoyed the most in the basement and on the middle floor, so much in fact that we often stayed on to see their early morning appearances in the main room, as the Leeds Sunday morning sun rose across the dance floor.

It was during the early years at Basics that James (Boggy to his mates) moved over the Pennines to Manchester, where he attended college. Whilst in Manchester he took up another residency, this time joining Rob Bright and Richard Hector-Jones at another club that would also go onto legendary status, Bugged Out!

Rob Bright, brilliant as ever at the last Eighty Six:

In 1993 Bugged Out! started out at Sankey's Soap in Ancoats. The area (and the club) looked very different to how it does today. Based in a former Soap warehouse, Sankey's was surrounded by disused warehouses and the odd burnt out car. It's no wonder the Detroit and Chicago DJ's who played there felt so at home or that the taxi drivers looked so worried when they drove you up there.

Sankey's (mark1) went into liquidation so homeless, Bugged Out! moved down the M62 to Nation (home of Cream) in Liverpool. The crowds got larger and the DJ bookings turned into a regular who's who of electronic music. There was no getting away from it Bugged Out! had became a huge success and even the clubs fanzine 'Jockey Slut' went into the stratosphere, growing into a proper magazine that sat alongside Mixmag in WH Smiths.

The era of super-clubs was well a truly upon us and James became the Chemical Brothers tour DJ of choice, warming up for the band in front of huge crowds across Europe and North and South America. He appeared on Radio 1's Essential mix a number of times and with Bugged Out! he spent a couple of summers in Ibiza, holding a Summer long residency at Amnesia and went onto tour Japan, Malaysia and Australia.

Back to the basements:

When Manchester's Electric Chair started off in the summer of 1995 James was one of the first DJ's to play at the tiny Roadhouse. Always an incredibly popular guest, when the Chair moved to the larger Music Box on Oxford Road, James continued to play for them (often being reunited with Rob Bright) at the Electric Souls events and End of year Riots.

An incredibly versatile DJ, James can adapt his musical styles across not just house and techno, he's also played at the Balearic bastions of Ibiza's Cafe Del Mar and has been a regular at Manchester's own balearic institution Aficionado.  James' career has pretty much mirrored our own clubbing history, moving from small clubs, through to super-club boredom and returning back again to the underground of the basements.

Begin; now and the future

Enough of the history lessons, James is producing some brilliant stuff at the moment, he's at the top of his game.

We loved the the sun kissed 'Begin remix' of Sam Sallon's 'You May Not Mean to Hurt Me' which came out earlier this year.  His first single of original work as 'Begin' did not disappointed either. The excellent 12" 'Optical Holiday' (Parts 1 and 2) was one of our favourites over the summer getting many plays on our radio show and down at Jam St.

It's great news that he's gone back into the studio so soon. The new 'Begin' single 'Velocity' was played by Balearic Mike when he did the Beats in Space radio show in New York last month and Moonboots also played it after the excellent Superimposers gig in Chorlton. It's a lovely dreamy Brazilian sounding track that's sure to bring a touch of warmth to any cold winter evening; just like the man himself.

It's sure to be a great night so if you fancy joining us it would be great to see you. As ever it will be a relaxed vibe with music starting around 8 and finishing at 1pm.

We'll also be celebrating TC's birthday so if the sound system fails, we'll just let Boggy do some stand up.

Eighty Six with James Holroyd / Begin
Jam St Cafe
Upper Chorlton Road
5th November 2010

Music 8.30 till late. Free entry.

More event info on our Facebook invite page

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