Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Findlay Brown: it's good to have you back

Findlay Brown is back with a lovely acoustic folky version of the classic Joe Smooth House anthem 'Promised Land'. I'm a real sucker this record in all its guises; heck, I even like the Paul Weller version.

We saw first Findlay play at the Greenman Festival in 2007 the year his debut album 'Seperated By the Sea' came out on Peacefrog. The albums still a big fave of ours on the radio show, in fact I'd say it's got even better with age. If you don't know it give it a listen.

His second album 'Love Will Find You' (recorded with ex-Suede man Bernard Butler kind of passed me by a bit but I've fallen in love with his version of the Economy Wolf record 'Theme From Yellow Kudra' which came out as a 7" B side earlier this year. (No video clip but I've put in link where you can listen and buy it). I'd heard that he had moved to New York with his girlfriend and also that he'd been involved in car accident outside one of his gigs. It's great that Findlay's back putting out music again, covers or not, welcome back.

Findlay's cover of Promised Land.

You'll often here Jif play this Findlay Brown track :

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