Thursday, 26 August 2010

Universal Language on Unity Radio 92.8 FM

After Three years on the internet the first FM broadcast of our Universal Language radio show will be this on Bank Holiday Sunday (29th August 1-3pm).

We'll be live across Manchester on Unity 92.8 FM. If you're outside the city we'll still be available online and via podcast and streaming via this blog.

We went into the newly kitted out Unity FM studios last week and recorded a dry run to get us ready for our first FM broadcast on Sunday 29th. It’s taken 10 years for Unity Radio to progress from being a pirate station, broadcasting from tower blocks in Hulme to the impressive studios we’re in today.

We though we’d post up a few pictures we took during the pilot and even though we were testing out the new mics and the equipment we’ve decided to podcast the show. If you fancy a listen to show with Jif, Jeffo and TC, it's here.

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