Friday, 21 May 2010

Our Soundtrack

Every Summer needs a soundtrack so regardless of how much sun we end up getting we thought we’d get together and share with you some of our current new music faves.

We’re passionate supporters of our local record shops; then again living in Manchester we’re blessed with some of the best in world. If you don’t have a local independent record shop and want to track some of these beauties down, give the Piccadilly Records website a try.

We hope you'll find something in this list that inspires you as much as these inspire us. Now bring on the summer - Jif, Jeffo & TC.

Eight Six Summer 2010 recommendations:

The Amazing: Wait for a Light. (Subliminal Tracks)
If you’re going to call your band The Amazing, you better be… and they are. Expansive second album from the Swedish folk rock supergroup. Island is one of the most perfect summer tracks every written.

Hannah Peel: Re Box EP (Static Caravan)
Four cute folk covers of pop tunes. Hannah’s version of the Cocteau Twins, Sugar Hiccup is a big fave of ours.

Sam Sallon: You May Not Mean to Hurt Me (Fascinating Rhythms)
We first heard this when Balearic Mike played the Leo Zero mix on our radio show last year but their record label decided not to release it. Mike stepped in and has licensed it to his Fascinating Rhythms label and added an extra mix from James Holroyd in his Begin guise. Definitely one of the records of the summer.

Cantoma: Out of Town (Leng)
Phil Mison’s first release on Mudd’s new Leng label. A beautiful, otherworldly album from a man who’s devoted his life to showcasing the finest down-tempo music whilst playing at the Café Del Mar and through the Real Ibiza series and on labels such as Music for Dreams.

Down to the Sea and Back (Wonk)
Balearic Mike & Kelvin Andrews’ lovingly hand crafted compilation of Balearic beats. The card cut lovely double CD promo pack is worth seeking out.

Steve Mason - I Let Her In (Domino)
Haunting stripped down stand out track from Mr Mason's first solo album under his own name. Close your eyes, listen and feel his pain. It's also strangely uplifting. The album will be seen as a masterpiece in years to come, it's definitely going to be in my end of year top 10.

Begin: Optical Holiday Parts 1 & 2 (Begin Records)
The new recording alias from James ‘Boggy’ Holyrod. Warm acoustics played over subtle electronic beats. “The feel good Balearic hit of the summer” - Jeffo

Pacific Horizons - Universal Horizons (Pacific Wizard Foundation)
Acid tinged chugger from a bunch of Californian Balearic hippies. Only 200 copies produced for the world and their in beautiful handmade sleeves. I'll be twisting some heads with this at The Trip Festival.

Woods: At Echo Lake (Woodsist)
Great lowfi psychedelic pop album from Brooklyn. Sounds like The Byrds recorded on a knacked 4 track. Fans of the Hushed Arbors on The Great Pop Supplement label should also check this.

Bing Ji Ling: Sunshine Love (Lovemonk)
A summertime slice of blue eyed soul from the Phenomenal Handclap Band’s guitarist.

Tula: No Name/Remind Me (Static Caravan)
More Swedish goodness, two beautiful alt folk tracks from the record label behind the Greenman Festival.

John Grant - I Wanna Go To Marz (Bella Union)
I've become obsessed with his Queen of Denmark album over the last couple of weeks, I'm surprised that it's split people's opinions. Whatever your thoughts of the album, you're dead from the neck up if you don't like this track. Oh, and the video is boss too.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Nevertheless (A Records)
I've had a bit of a revival on The BJM since going to see them this week in the Academy 2. Great gig, they played for two hours solid and I could have done with a couple more on top of that. Anyway, this is a bit of West Coast psych and one of their more accessable songs. You should also check out the DVD documentary of them and The Dandy Warhols called Dig, it's an amazing fly on the wall view of a bunch of fuckheads.

Led Er Est: Man and Tree (Captured Tracks)
Dreamy electronic pop gem hidden away on the B side of the 7”.

Maxxi & Zeus: The Struggle / The Cell (International Feel)
Matt Edwards and Joel Martin of Quiet Village fame are back with a new identity. This release moves things on from Silent Movie, delving deeper into an atmospheric, soundtrack inspired sound. I reckon this could be a favourite of ours for a long time to come.

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