Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Eighty Six Jam St Friday 5th March

This Friday sees us back playing in our favourite South Manchester cafe bar, Jam Street.

Last time we were here on New Years Day it turned into a fantastic little party as we banished any thoughts of our hangovers with some great music.

Rob Bright played alongside Richard Hector Jones and to bring the Bugged Out! memories flooding back Justin Robertson turned up for a pint. Jules from Last Rites (one of only four ladies to play the Electric Chair, fact fans) was also on hand with some disco.

We've got plenty of great guests lined up for this year so with this in mind we've gone for a residents party this month. The residents parties are always popular (especially with the Jam St staff) and we love getting the chance to play together across a full night.

If you fancy a relaxing start to the weekend join Jif, Jeffo and TC this Friday, 5th March. Food is served till 9 and music played till late. Entry as always is free.

Eighty Six
Jam Street Cafe
Upper Chorlton Road

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