Friday, 18 December 2009

Taken By Trees - East Of Eden

Taken By Trees is the solo project of Victoria Bergsmann, the former lead singer of The Concretes. Taken By Trees are probably best know for the cover of Sweet Child Of Mine that is currently on a John Lewis advert and is due to be rereleased following this exposure.

East Of Eden is the second album Victoria has made as Taken By Trees, following on from Open Field that was released in 2007. Whereas the first album was typical Swedish pop music, Taken By Trees has a much more electic feel to it. The album was recorded in Pakistan using both local and Swedish musicians, and the eastern influence is obvious on tracks such as Wapas Karna and Bekannelse.

Dan Lissvik (half of Studio and part of Crepes) and Anders Soderstrom (records as ASS, check his version of the Escape From New York theme from the My Get Up and Go Just Got Up and Went album) produced the album, overall it's a varied album of great quality and definitely one of our favourites of 2009.

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