Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Genuine Independent Record Label

After years of collecting music, I thought I’d grown up, got wise and never again would I get sucked into collecting everything a label put out...

Then along came ‘The Great Pop Supplement’.

The Great Pop Supplement predominantly puts out short runs (around 300) of 7” records with amazing lovingly crafted hand made packaging. Over the last year or so this tiny label run from a home in London has put out some brilliant releases. - Yes, I’ve found myself doing the unthinkable, tracking down records I’ve never heard of simple because they were on the Great Pop Supplement.

Keith Wood's Hush Arbors project; previously known predominantly for his incredible guitar work with Six Organs Of Admittance and Sunburned Hand Of The Man was my first taste of this label and I'm pretty hooked.

From the Psych-folk. to glitchy electronic pieces with a cool pop sensibility. You never really know what to expect other that fantastic packing and music like no other. We’ve been playing quite a bit of their stuff on our radio show and at Jam St. The label has artist connections to Manchester and Leeds and it’s always a pleasure to support such creativity.

To find out more about the label and the current releases for sale

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  1. Hi, I'll be checking out that link now.

    I'm on the hunt for bands to film for our new website and it beats doing what I'm supposed to be doing today in work : ) There is one we filmed as an example under the "films" link

    based in Warrington. It's free and fun to do

    we've been busy putting together podcasts too, number 4 will be up tonight. Please send cd's to the address below or mp3s to

    In the Loft.TV
    24 Holly Avenue
    WA12 8LJ

    thanks for looking