Saturday, 4 July 2009

Kraftwerk at the Manchester Velodrome

As the launch event for this year's Manchester International Festival, Kraftwerk played this Thursday at the Manchester Velodrome. With this not being your normal concert venue I was a little concerned on how it would work and whether it would be possible to get good sound quality in such a large space that isn't designed with acoustics in mind.

I shouldn't have worried the sound was excellent, as were the 3d visuals, the only minor issue being the warmth and you can't really blame Kraftwerk for that! The venue was setup with the standing area in the centre of the track and seats in the normal stands.

Kraftwerk put on a great show, playing all the old favourites and extending them with new sections, they seemed to enjoy it too with Ralf even cracking a few jokes. The highlight of the show though was the not entirely unexpected appearance of Team GB cyclists during Tour De France, all said it was a great gig that I'll remember for a long time.

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