Friday, 26 June 2009

Universal Language Radio Show with Moonboots 25/06

Big thanks to Moon for coming down to the studio last night and playing a great selection of music, hopefully he'll be joining us again in a few weeks time. We ended up doing just over two and half hours due to the DJs for the next show being delayed.

If you missed the show or want to listen again, you can do so here:

Or you can download the entire show as an MP3:

Here's the tracklisting for the show:
ASS: It's in the Gallery
Sufjan Stevens: Holland
Rue Royale: UFO
Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam: One Day Like This
The Hand: Hovering Wasp
Sufjan Stevens: U.F.O Sighting
It's Immaterial: New Brighton
Daniel Lanois: Still Water
Carole King: Haywood / A Quiet Place To Live
Karen Dalton: Something On Your Mind
Naro Leao: Chega De Saudade
Kenny Rankin: In The Name Of Love
Elkin and Nelson: Al Carnaval
Los Amaya: Bailen Mi Rumbita
Lemon Sol: Bizarre Tracks
Ghittoni: L'Amore Ci Dividera
Neon: Le Macho Du Mabo
I wanna go...Fuck off
Golf Channel 4 (show exclusive)
Babe Ruth: Since you went away
Andy on the Eve: And The Life Goes On
Evident: Test The Trust
Nhessingtons: You're the Summer
Rodriguez: Rich Folks Hoax
Babla's Disco Sensation: Man Dole Mera Tan Dole
Hercules: Crablogger
Gabriel Bondage: No Winners
Peter Janda: 20:20
R.O.C God Willing
Agua Viva: O Gosto Do Amor
DJ Shadow: This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way)
John Edwards: Tin Man
Ahmed Fakrun: Nisyan
Soy un Caballo: Robin
Frankie Goes To Hollywood: San Jose
Labi Siffre: Watch Me
Notations: Super People

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