Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The New Sound Of Sun Drenched Spain

Whilst in Madrid a few years ago I got into a conversation about Spanish record labels. The name LoveMonk came up as one to look out for. I’ve always found their releases to be more miss than hit but Pajaro Sunrise are a band that go someway to re-addressing it.

Yuri Mendez and Pepe Lopez aka Pajaro Sunrise originally released their first album in 2006 and were heralded as one of the best live acts in Spain. The follow-up, "Done / Undone" sees Yuri go it alone with some help from Mario Delgado. Anyway, forget who made what because what matters is the beautiful electro-acoustic folk on this double CD.

The album features everything from horns to chime bars, folky guitars and even a Bruce Springsteen cover; perfect for the summer!

Done/Undone is put together with love and sung in a songwriters style of English that Supermax would be proud of.
Yuri says "I’ve spent the last two years playing Twister, drinking coffee and recorded these tracks mainly at home. I don’t know if there will be more Pajaro Sunrise albums and if there are, I have no idea how they would sound".

I for one hope there is and (as this album is CD only) I've tracked down one of their 7's on vinyl to play at Jam St.

Nice cover too and a bit like our own Eighty Six bird.

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