Sunday, 31 May 2009

Smith & Mudd - Le Suivant

Claremont 56 is one of the few labels to consistently deliver great music, where other labels tend to have their moment in the sun releasing some good records before fading away. The credit for this consistency must go to label boss Paul 'Mudd' Murphy who makes sure each release fits with the label's aim of releasing music that has been lovingly crafted and genuinely felt.

The label's latest release is the second long player from Smith & Mudd 'Le Suivant', following on from their 2007 album 'Blue River' should have proved difficult as it was a beatiful collection of music, perfect for summer's day. Le Suivant takes the template introduced with the first album and takes it further, a collection of 10 amazing tracks featuring excellent musicianship.

To quote the sleevenotes writtten by Moonboots ; 'It's raining. Sitting here on a cold and wet Mancunian afternoon it's difficult to remember what summer feels like. However with this, the so-called difficult second album from Smith & Mudd on the stereo, a feeling of warmth breaks through the gloom'.

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